Transparency vs. Terrorism In Media

The March morning after the Harlem/New York City residential complex exploded, there was an image of the chaos in the Wall Street Journal, raising immediate questions about terrorism which turned out to be false. Just below that front-page photo and caption was a … [Read More...]

5 Productivity Mistakes

5 Productivity Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Let’s face it, as small business owners the demands on our time increase with every platform released, every “top ten” list announced, every review that is written and every customer that needs our expertise. Our to do lists are growing at record pace and no … [Read More...]


Google Glass: Is Your Privacy In Jeopardy?

For today only Google is expanding its Google Glass Explorers program by offering the controversial wearable device to the public for $1500 (price includes a free set of frames or shades: $150-$250), which will most likely grow the program significantly. Which … [Read More...]


Privacy is Killing the Communication Evolution

In an era that has seen some massive shifts in how people communicate with one another; where brands have to learn how to unsell, and instead, forge a deeper understanding with their customers; it has also been marred by some pretty significant events that have … [Read More...]

Go to jail

How to Get Back on Track after Getting a Manual Penalty

Links are still SEO’s backbone, despite the fact they can be bought, exchanged, ‘earned’ in return for content and many other techniques that seek to influence search results. Google have had a gripe against falsely-earned links for a long time, but in the last … [Read More...]


Social Media: It’s Not Always About You

You've developed a cool product/service;Your logo, website and other marketing materials are to die for;And your prices are reasonable.We get it. You think that you're "hot stuff" and would like the world to know that you are, so you've decided to hop … [Read More...]


The 5 Dumbest Value Proposition Mistakes Hurting Your Brand

No value? No conversion.It’s really that simple.Your visitors will not stick around if they don’t understand why they should. That means they won’t buy, subscribe, signup, download, try out, click, or do whatever it is you want them to do – unless you can … [Read More...]


How SnapChat Stories Can Help Brands Build A Deeper Connection

Have you noticed a decrease in engagement on Facebook recently? Have you noticed a drop in the number of likes and shares you're getting on your posts? If so, don't stress, you're not alone. The algorithm behind Facebook is resulting in your content not being … [Read More...]

presentation slideshare

How to Make Your Slideshare Spicy – Even If It’s Your First One.

I'm having a love affair with Slideshare these days, and you should as well.Slideshare is a phenomenal way to repurpose your content which can be used in newsletters, a blog post, presentations or even your strategy page. But content isn't the only thing it … [Read More...]


3 Customer Experience Lessons From The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has customers just like the rest of us. Only for his customers it’s all about the experience. Brands can learn a lot from this approach. According to a report from Oracle, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. So with … [Read More...]

SteamFeed TV

SteamFeed TV – Blogging Comments, Mozilla CEO, and Customer Power

Episode 2 of SteamFeed TV went off without a hitch last night! Here are the topics we discussed:1. Blogging Comments - Should sites be shutting off their comments? A few big sites like CopyBlogger did just that and we discuss the pros and cons of shutting them … [Read More...]

web design elements conversion

5 Web Design Elements Influencing Conversion Rate

We have a product.It's a great product - it's shiny, cost-effective, and gives people benefits.We even have a beautiful picture on a dedicated landing page for this product, showcasing the most important features.However, our conversion rate is … [Read More...]


7 Creative Marketing Ideas To Make Your Small Business Stand Out!

Yes, another list!It seems like everyday your RSS feed is full of lists to make you stand out or capture more clients or whatever. It can sometimes seem like there is advice coming from everywhere. Who do you trust and what do you listen to? Well, that's the … [Read More...]

employer branding

5 Tips On How To Attract The Best Talents To Your SMB

There are some things a SMB (Small Medium Business) can’t compete with compared to larger businesses. Established companies may have the advantage of working with well-known customers, have generous benefits and are also able to pay salaries that attract the best … [Read More...]

Canva – Amazingly simple graphic design for blogs  presentations  Facebook covers  flyers and so much more.

Two Fun Applications To Use This Spring

Everyone is always trying to find the newest and coolest applications to use, and then brag about the app before anyone else can.  I was actually told of two pretty neat applications that I will be using this spring, and wanted to pass them along to you because I … [Read More...]

social media help kids

Dear Parents, Please Read This If Your Child Uses Social Media

As a parent and an educator, this topic is near and dear to my heart. Every week that passes, the social media landscape changes, and keeping up with it can be a nightmare. I ask that if you find value in this article please share with others so that we may spread … [Read More...]


3 Apps Every B2B Business Needs on Its Facebook Page

On every brand’s Page there are four app thumbnails, three of which are customizable and whose positions can be moved. Some companies choose to use this space to feature their Page’s Like count or Facebook’s “Notes” and “Map” apps. These companies are not making … [Read More...]


How to Write When You’re Not a Writer

I’m on a roll this week with questions from my readers.  I’ve shared what content marketing is in this post, and why content helps build your business in this post.As a business owner and entrepreneur, you’re called on to use and develop a wide range of skills … [Read More...]


Here’s Why Your Sign Ups Suck

We’ve all been on the quest for sign ups. Whether it’s for our bootcamp, webinar, event, eBook, or just to get readers on our marketing list, we’ve all tried well-planned (and not-so-well planned) launches.Raise your hand if you know marketers who send out a … [Read More...]


4 Hot SEO Blogging Strategies

Your blog is your voice – and your best content marketing tool. By developing, maintaining, and nurturing a blog robust with timely, pertinent, and beneficial content, you are sharing your expertise and building your clout as a thought leader. You are also … [Read More...]


Fortune 500 Companies Experiment On The Edge Of Social Media

When Absolut Vodka launched its Limited Edition Absolut Unique collection in Argentina, the Pernod Ricard brand took a particularly unique approach: the company turned to WhatsApp. Woonky, the company’s South American advertising agency, planned an exclusive … [Read More...]

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How To Blog

The Most Comprehensive Guide On How To Blog

Learning how to blog is no easy task. It takes time and commitment to get your blog off the ground. Maybe you want to blog to … [Read More...]


Five Content Marketing Growth Hacks for Enterprise Startups

I don't have to tell you that content is changing the way we do business. I don't have to tell you the benefits of using … [Read More...]

Questions about taking offline interactions online?

Take control! Maximizing offline interactions online

It's no secret that having a social media presence for your business is important. In fact, in a recent study by Equities, … [Read More...]

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social media policy

Why It’s Important to Have a Social Media Policy

Does your business have a formal social media policy? If not, you may want to create one and do it quickly.As more and … [Read More...]


Getting Started with Facebook Advertising [Infographic]

If you’ve been stymied by Facebook advertising, you’re not alone. Learning the difference between Custom Audiences, Facebook … [Read More...]


How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Local Business

As Pinterest continues to take the social media world by storm, learning how to incorporate this virtual pinboard into your … [Read More...]

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