How To Use Twitter To Boost Your Business Development And Sales

* My article this month was written by Marni Mandell, Head of Business Development @Roojoom and the person that keeps me sane in the mad startups world. You can connect with her on … [Read More]


Will The #FutureOfBusiness Radically Change Everything As We Know It?

I had the pleasure of taking part in GoToMeeting in Canada's #FutureOfWork debate on Twitter this past week. It brought together business and technology discussing emerging trends with … [Read More]


The Truth About Social Selling: Why Old-School Selling Is Still Critical

There is a cottage industry of social selling authorities, experts, and gurus proclaiming that the old ways of selling are dead. This social media mafia insists that cold calling is … [Read More]

9:14:14 Navigating Controversy or Tragedy Sacco

Navigating Unexpected Controversy or Tragedy in Your Content Marketing Strategy

As a small business owner, I've learned a thing or two about the importance of creating a successful content marketing strategy. One thing I've learned is that success begins with … [Read More]

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Without These Best Apps, I Would Quit My Blog

Takeaways:  Apps can either  accelerate the pace  of your quality writing or slow you down with distractions.  The best way to locate the apps you need is finding someone you can … [Read More]

SEO Insider-2

Your SEO Insider: Ranking Factors, Hub Pages, and the Future of SEO

Organic SEO Search Metrics Releases 2014 Ranking Factors and Rank Correlations Always interesting and informative reading, it is important to note that this study measures … [Read More]

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Social Media Is Dead! Focus On Marketing Instead

Sometimes you just have to wonder if this industry was ever taken seriously. Case in point, a job board in Canada. While browsing Facebook the other day, I came across a post … [Read More]


10 Tips For A Successful Social Advertising Campaign

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. Mark Twain As more and more people and content come onto the web, the average attention span gets a little … [Read More]


What Is Hootsuite, And How Can It Help With Your Business?

One of my go-to tools for my business, or when working on client’s social media for K-3 Technologies, is Hootsuite. There are quite a few other social media dashboards out in the social … [Read More]


Seeing Through The Wall With Wi-Fi X-ray Vision

The world of information and technology has experienced a large number of advancements in recent times. In fact, many of these changes have impacted human lives in significant ways. … [Read More]


3 Reasons You Should Implement Behavior Tagging On Your Website

First impressions can make or break a relationship. And when it comes to your company’s website, a poor experience can mean the difference between a lifelong customer and a lost … [Read More]

how to quit your job and launch a startup

The Right Way to Quit Your Job and Launch a Startup

  One of the most stressful parts of being an entrepreneur is quitting your job to work full-time in your startup. You are jumping into the precipice of the unknown, hoping for … [Read More]

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What The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Us About NPO Fundraising Campaigns

Have You Done Your ALS #icebucketchallenge Yet? We are about a month into the ALS #icebucketchallenge and no one can dispute its absolute success. Well, they can but no one should. In … [Read More]


Top 5 Blog Editing Essentials That Build Credibility and Loyalty

When asked about editing their blog posts, people have told me things like, “I was so relieved to have finished the post, I just wanted to check it off my list and get it out … [Read More]


Has Your Blog Flow Slowed?

I don’t know about you, but even when I was in school, July became a lazy month for me. I think it is because, in Georgia, July starts the count to the beginning of school again. Yes, … [Read More]


4 Great Ways to Make Your Brand the Best Online

Back before the Internet was a basic household necessity, it was not only expensive and difficult to build a brand but also to gain more than just local exposure. In this day and age … [Read More]


15 Quick Ways To Repurpose Content When You’re Strapped For Time

The number one challenge that content marketers face is lack of time. I know within our startup Atomic Reach, we’re all busy and sometimes wearing many hats. We truly believe in … [Read More]


3 Content Marketing Tactics That Drive Growth

Did you know that there are a few strategies that brands and startups can implement today that will drive real growth? Whether it’s growth in newsletter subscriptions, customer … [Read More]

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Five Lessons from My Conversion Rate Optimization Experiment

Six months ago I decided to experiment with conversion rate optimization (CRO). I had recently launched a pay-per-click (PPC) … [Read More...]

analysis paralysis information bias confused

One Way To Beat “Paralysis By Analysis”

I’ve long been interested in cognitive biases. Whether it is anchoring, pro-innovation bias, or the availability heuristic, … [Read More...]


Blogging Is Good PR

How many gazillion blogs are there in the world now? Technorati says about 3 million or so. You can see where your blog ranks … [Read More...]

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10 Things Not To Say To A Social Media/Community Manager

It is getting to be that time of year again, the family holiday season is approaching. And with these events, come the … [Read More...]

3 Reasons to Dust Off Your Google Plus Business Page

“Google Claus” has left a bagful of presents under the tree last Christmas. (You can see all the goodies at … [Read More...]


For Fortune 500 Retailers Selected Product Posts Win Engagement

Harley Davidson has it easy. The motorbike company is known for producing a single product. That product is photogenic so … [Read More...]

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