The Truth About Social Selling: Why Old-School Selling Is Still Critical

There is a cottage industry of social selling authorities, experts, and gurus proclaiming that the old ways of selling are dead. This social media mafia insists that cold calling is … [Read More]

9:14:14 Navigating Controversy or Tragedy Sacco

Navigating Unexpected Controversy or Tragedy in Your Content Marketing Strategy

As a small business owner, I've learned a thing or two about the importance of creating a successful content marketing strategy. One thing I've learned is that success begins with … [Read More]

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Without These Best Apps, I Would Quit My Blog

Takeaways:  Apps can either  accelerate the pace  of your quality writing or slow you down with distractions.  The best way to locate the apps you need is finding someone you can … [Read More]

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Your SEO Insider: Ranking Factors, Hub Pages, and the Future of SEO

Organic SEO Search Metrics Releases 2014 Ranking Factors and Rank Correlations Always interesting and informative reading, it is important to note that this study measures … [Read More]

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Social Media Is Dead! Focus On Marketing Instead

Sometimes you just have to wonder if this industry was ever taken seriously. Case in point, a job board in Canada. While browsing Facebook the other day, I came across a post … [Read More]


10 Tips For A Successful Social Advertising Campaign

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. Mark Twain As more and more people and content come onto the web, the average attention span gets a little … [Read More]


What Is Hootsuite, And How Can It Help With Your Business?

One of my go-to tools for my business, or when working on client’s social media for K-3 Technologies, is Hootsuite. There are quite a few other social media dashboards out in the social … [Read More]


Seeing Through The Wall With Wi-Fi X-ray Vision

The world of information and technology has experienced a large number of advancements in recent times. In fact, many of these changes have impacted human lives in significant ways. … [Read More]


3 Reasons You Should Implement Behavior Tagging On Your Website

First impressions can make or break a relationship. And when it comes to your company’s website, a poor experience can mean the difference between a lifelong customer and a lost … [Read More]

how to quit your job and launch a startup

The Right Way to Quit Your Job and Launch a Startup

  One of the most stressful parts of being an entrepreneur is quitting your job to work full-time in your startup. You are jumping into the precipice of the unknown, hoping for … [Read More]

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What The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Can Teach Us About NPO Fundraising Campaigns

Have You Done Your ALS #icebucketchallenge Yet? We are about a month into the ALS #icebucketchallenge and no one can dispute its absolute success. Well, they can but no one should. In … [Read More]


Top 5 Blog Editing Essentials That Build Credibility and Loyalty

When asked about editing their blog posts, people have told me things like, “I was so relieved to have finished the post, I just wanted to check it off my list and get it out … [Read More]


How-To Integrate Your Marketing

Integrated marketing communications might only be three words and twelve syllables, but this communication strategy provides a framework to unite your marketing messages. If your … [Read More]

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Your SEO Insider: SEO for China, DuckDuckGo, and a Pigeon Proofing Checklist

Don't miss: Understanding Google's Knowledge Graph SEO for China The rise of DuckDuckGo? Disavowing bad links is NOT enough to get out Penguin penalty box Citation building … [Read More]


7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Writing Again

If the title caught your eye, perhaps you have a love-hate relationship with writing. I can relate! I'm writing this remind you (and myself) why we value writing. We can look at … [Read More]


70 Rising Social Media Stars List With Mark Schaefer [Podcast]

On Wednesday September 3rd 2014 we had Mark Schaefer on along with Brooke Ballard, Ryan Cox, and Daniel Hebert discussing Mark's list that was posted this summer on 70 Rising Social … [Read More]


Job Searching For a Long Time Sucks!

Almost 9 months of seeking full-time employment is exhausting. Seriously. It's tiring to rifle through post upon post on dozens of job boards, researching the company on Glassdoor, … [Read More]

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Magic and Choices: A Social Media Preview for Newcomers

Frustration, fear, confusion and helplessness are the main emotions flooding your system. You are either: A parent or a newcomer to the world of Social Media. Any parent who has ever … [Read More]


Failure To Thrive: Should You Leave Facebook?

Facebook should be renamed Ficklebook. Because that's what it is in a word: FICKLE. I tried to Google how many algorithm changes FB has put forth in the past year, but that data … [Read More]


13 Great Tools for Social Selling, Productivity, and More

If you are looking: to reduce email for social insights to be more productive for new social selling tools for ways to connect and stay connected to manage your sales … [Read More]


Gen Z: It’s Too Damned Early to Start Stereotyping

One thing that I've learned as I work with our Millennial Think Tank is that, more often than not, sweeping generalizations about 80 million people fall flat. The reality is that … [Read More]


Who Says You Need To Be a Fortune 500 To Have Great Business Blogging?

A recent article in Marketing Land shares some intriguing survey results. UMass Dartmouth (UMD) researchers recently collected data which shows how business blogging among the Fortune … [Read More]


5 Effective Ways to Market Your Social Media Management Services

Marketing your social media management services to decision makers is one of the toughest challenges you may face. Why? Because there are hundreds of amateurs competing in the same … [Read More]

Brand Advocates image

10 Ways to Transform Employees Into Your Best Brand Advocates

In today’s economy, many businesses wonder how they can stand out from their competition. Sure, low prices are an option. New product launches are another. And celebrity spokespeople … [Read More]


7 Effective Tips to Consistently Come Up With Engaging Content

One of the tragedies of content marketing is that people think it’s easy. The truth is that it isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination. There are plenty of  harsh and unpopular … [Read More]

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Your SEO Insider: Google Drops Authorship, G+ Search Benefits, and the Future of SEO

Don't miss: Google Drops Authorship Understanding Personalized Search How G+ Can Help Your Search Rankings The Future of SEO Happy Labor Day Weekend SteamFeeders! Lot's of … [Read More]

5 Steps to Boost Your WOM Marketing By Engaging Your Users

5 Steps To Engage Your Users and Boost Your WOM

Congratulations! – you have traffic on your website and people started using your product. That’s not a simple thing to accomplish, right? I know, I also work in a startup. As the … [Read More]


How To Balance Between Your Objectives and Analytics Tools

Monitoring 10 different integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaigns at work has been a very interesting experience. There is nothing like the feeling of implementing the plans … [Read More]


Your Social Community Does Not Belong to You or Your Organization

I've now heard this stance more than a few times from reputable sources and it really makes me sweat. My career is centered on social media and this one sentence puts that into … [Read More]


The Secret Lives Of Community Managers

Community Managers -- the "face" of brands, responsible for interacting with audiences and communities online and drumming up buzz for their company or brand -- don't have it … [Read More]

high volume sales

How To Achieve High-Volume Sales For Your Business

What is the biggest issue facing business owners today? It's not coping with an increasingly technical world, contending with regulations, or finding the right talent. It's … [Read More]

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Your SEO Insider: HTTPS Details, Local Still on the Move, 25 Free SEO Tools

Don't miss: HTTPS as a Search Signal Google's 10 Biggest Search Milestones Local Search Update 25 Free SEO Tools Everything you need to know from the world of Search … [Read More]


How Can B2B Brands Become Thought Leaders With Content Marketing?

In an article in Forbes Magazine, Thought Leadership is defined as “simply about becoming an authority on relevant topics by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on the minds … [Read More]

phoenix rising

What Happened When My Funded Startup Ran Out of Cash

The Rise In 2013, I was fortunate enough to start a tech accelerator in WI to bring to life a project for which I'd made tremendous sacrifices. Since September of 2011, I'd put the … [Read More]

Getting Too Personal on Facebook_ Where

Getting Too Personal on Facebook: Where Context Meets Creepy

I was intrigued when I happened to see Dan Sullivan's post on Facebook. Dan is the Founder of Crowdly, a platform I call the anti-Facebook on Facebook. It's premise is to encourage … [Read More]

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Your SEO Insider: Penguin Update on the Way!

Don't miss: Preparing for a Penguin update More on HTTPS - Google's new Ranking Factor Local Pay Per Click Advertising? Identifying Quality Directory listings Everything … [Read More]


Can Co-Creation and Relationship Marketing Improve Your Business?

Your customers want value. So let’ serve it up. One of the best ways to provide value for your customers is to understand and meet their needs. Effective relationship marketing will … [Read More]


Social Media Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

Over the past few months, I have noticed quite a new group of followers on my social media accounts.  I love being able to check out these new followers and find out what they do, … [Read More]

How to Solve 7 Common Cash Flow Problems

How to Solve 7 Common Cash Flow Problems

Every company runs into cash flow problems at one time or another. Learning how to identify them early on is important. It allows you to manage them effectively and solve them quickly. … [Read More]

Rafting on a river is like being in a flow state.

13 Steps to Master the Flow State in Your Powerful Blog

The Flow State Improves Your Writing Ability and Performance   In this article you will learn the following about flow state: A definition and the significance it has in … [Read More]


3 Reasons You Should To Stop Complaining About Facebook Messenger

I remember the day like it was yesterday. Facebook had just rolled out it's News Feed as a part of its "facelift" in an effort to create more conversation, engagement, and reduction of … [Read More]


6 Free (or Cheap) Tools Every Startup Must Use

While all things ‘cheap’ maybe looked down upon in the past as poor quality, limited utility or even short-lived; in the technology world, cheap means efficient. And smart. And … [Read More]

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4 Ways To Collect Data Without Losing Customer Trust

Analytics are more powerful now than ever. With the tools available, companies can see not only who visited their website, but also where a user’s mouse traveled on the page and how he … [Read More]


4 Great Ways to Make Your Brand the Best Online

Back before the Internet was a basic household necessity, it was not only expensive and difficult to build a brand but also to gain more than just local exposure. In this day and age … [Read More]


15 Quick Ways To Repurpose Content When You’re Strapped For Time

The number one challenge that content marketers face is lack of time. I know within our startup Atomic Reach, we’re all busy and sometimes wearing many hats. We truly believe in … [Read More]

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Social Media is Great, But Don’t Dump Your Website

Since it's 2013 and you're not living under a rock, you've likely discovered by now that social media is a powerful tool for … [Read More...]

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7 Content Writing Skills from a Creative Writer’s Perspective

Truth be told, I kind of fell into content writing. After being crazy about literature my whole life I went to university to … [Read More...]

Getting Kindle published by amazon

Kindle: Getting published by Amazon

In my last post we looked at pulling all the content together for your Kindle book and what was needed to turn blog posts … [Read More...]

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Article Marketing Done Right: 4 Tips to Help Your Content Go Viral

Article marketing can be a great online strategy for your small business. The process is pretty simple—you write articles … [Read More...]


You Don’t Have To Be A LION To Win With LinkedIn

One of the first online social networks I ever joined was LinkedIn. Even in those days when the network for professionals was … [Read More...]


3 Tips for Choosing a Great Twitter Header Image

Everything on the web, particularly with social media, is growing more visual. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram all … [Read More...]

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