Your Business is Doomed if Marketing, PR, and Sales Are Siloed

In May of 2013 I read a post by my friend and PR expert, Jayme Soulati, entitled The Blending of PR with Marketing is its Death, and I disagreed with it on many levels. So much so that it spawned my post,  Silo-d PR is Business Suicide. It caused a lengthy … [Read More...]

Net Promoter Score

5 Ways to Improve Your NPS Scores

Many of us have heard or used the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric to measure the likelihood of a customer to recommend a product, brand, or company to a friend or colleague. First introduced by Fred Reichheld in a Harvard Business Review article in 2003, this … [Read More...]

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How To Add Links To Your Blog That Get Outstanding Results

Adding links to your business blog enhances your readers' experience and can have benefits for your business as well. While it does take extra time and thought, it is well worth the effort. This post will cover: Internal versus external links The three … [Read More...]

SEO Insider

SEO Insider: Ranking Too High, Google’s Pigeon Update, and the New Foursquare

Good morning, afternoon, or evening depending where you are and when you’re reading this! Big week in search this week, so pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or can of RedBull (my personal choice), settle in and catch up on all the latest from … [Read More...]


How Do You Get People To Pay You?

Are you having trouble getting paid in a timely fashion? You’re not alone. In 2010, 14% of small business owners said that late customer payments were a growing problem, up from 2% in just 2008. According to the Wall Street Journal, many small business owners … [Read More...]

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The (Not So) Serious Business Of LinkedIn

Is Humor Appropriate for LinkedIn Profiles?  You Bet your Whoopie Cushion it is! In marketing, we know that the more distinctive brands Voice is, the more likely it is to be recognized and shared. Whether it's a signature color like Coca-Cola’s red or … [Read More...]


Six Steps to Master Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a great opportunity to discuss trending topics, obtain new insights and ideas, and connect with others in the social media industry (an invaluable resource for your job, career and sanity). By the same token, they can be intimidating for new … [Read More...]

Empathy and listening combined make the perfect pair to build strong and lasting community ties - empathic listening is the tie that binds.

Build Trust in Your Blog Community with Empathic Listening

Empathy is the foundation of society and commerce What you will learn about empathy and blogging communities: Examples of empathy and empathic listening. The foundation of human communication in social environments is empathy and listening. Successful … [Read More...]


Why is James Ellis Dominating Facebook?

Have you seen the viral videos that he's posting in your feed yet? I shared one of his videos in our SteamFeed Facebook group the other day (regrettably) . It seems like his videos are popping up all over the place this weekend. This guy has over 1.3 … [Read More...]

SEO Insider

SEO Insider: Dealing with Penguin, Twitter’s Impact on Search, and Link Building

Get out and enjoy your summer! No need to spend your days scouring the blogosphere to keep up on changes in the world of search - I've done it for you! Following are the best articles and most important updates related to search and SEO for the week of July 11th - … [Read More...]


10 Topic Ideas to Create Disruptive Slideshare Presentations

There’s a new darling in town. Well, kind of. In 2013, it was reported Slideshare averages 60 million users with 20% of them visiting from Google. But it has recently become a hot topic in the blogosphere. Many tips and tactics have been shared, but there's … [Read More...]

SteamFeed TV

SteamFeed TV (Ep.9): Wearable Tech, Twitter & World Cup, Social Media Summer Detox

SteamFeed TV Episode 9: "We're burnt out because we're seeing marketers market themselves... It's sad when you see a whole feed of people watching the fireworks and then there is that one person who is never off the clock with "Ten Tips For Facebook Success". … [Read More...]

practice what you preach

Hey, Social Media Experts: Practice What You Post!

There's an epidemic of social media and digital "experts" sweeping the web. The only problem with many of these "professionals" is that they don't apply the same standards that they apply to their posts. Maybe you've seen it, too? It looks something like … [Read More...]


Building Your Team Is The Key To Growth

As a solopreneur, there comes a time when it is necessary for you to start looking for help in your business. Lets be honest, no matter how hard you try to manage every role within your business by yourself, you start to notice that it is nearly impossible. In … [Read More...]


10 Things Marketers Need to Know to Remain Relevant

It's clear that marketing has drastically changed in the last decade. The rise of digital, accompanied by its ever-evolving technologies in mobile and advertising will build a perpetual environment of test and learn. As well, continuous emergence of audience … [Read More...]


Real-Time Marketing: Should Humor Be Used In Difficult Times?

I was going to write a post about building a successful marketing team for your startup, but I can’t. If any of you have been reading about what is going on in Israel, my home country, you understand why pretending that it’s “business as usual” might be a bit hard … [Read More...]

SEO Insider

SEO Insider: Organic Traffic, Online Reviews, and Yelp Influence

What important SEO updates and articles did you miss this week? No need to worry - I've read them all so you don't have too :-) Don’t miss: Organic search accounts for more traffic than you think Watch out for Competitor Sabotage on Google Maps Online … [Read More...]

SteamFeed TV

SteamFeed TV (Ep.8): Google Domains, Cell Phone Warrant Search, & Facebook’s Experiment

SteamFeed TV - Every other Thursday at 8:30 PM EST Subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Google+, or Twitter so that you don't miss an episode. Connect with the panel on Twitter: Gettysburg Gerry Randy Bowden Jennifer Kane Jeff Howell Brooke … [Read More...]


Facebook: I Can’t Quit You

And it's not for lack of trying. In Episode 8 of SteamFeed TV, our panel discussed Facebook's psychological experiments on its users. Whether you believe that it was Facebook merely collecting useful data for better advertisements, giving Facebook data to sell … [Read More...]


Has Your Blog Flow Slowed?

I don’t know about you, but even when I was in school, July became a lazy month for me. I think it is because, in Georgia, July starts the count to the beginning of school again. Yes, we start August 1st, and yes it is hard to go that early! I still, to this day, … [Read More...]


Convergence and Consolidation: A View of the Social Media Future

Since graduation from college, I've had the opportunity to work in several industries (in marketing still) that have afforded me an insider's view. From higher education (Santa Clara University) to networking, routing, and wireless (HP, Cisco), and freelance … [Read More...]

Wanted Google Authorship Photo

Authorship Faces Disappear from Google Search Results

Have you noticed anything different about your search results page (SERP) lately? Authorship (rel=author) profile photos are gone. Public searches now only show your author byline next to the meta description of your content. The day before this change was … [Read More...]


The Best Way To Get Your Content Marketing Groove Back

We’ve all seen it happen… You create a handful of great blog posts and see a surge in new visits and newsletter sign ups. The traffic is rolling in and you’re feeling great about the amount of success you’re seeing from your recent content marketing efforts. You … [Read More...]


5 Of The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Your Content Marketing

There are lots of checklists and best practices around the best ways to implement your content marketing strategy and plan which are great and super useful.  Here’s a great one I always refer to:  Content Marketing Best Practices.  In addition, I believe having … [Read More...]

Pinterest Pins

How to Increase Your Pinterest Visibility

Pinterest is a favorite among brands due to the selling power of the pinning paradise platform. (Say that 5 times fast.) The average shopper spends $60 when coming from Facebook, compared to $140 from Pinterest. The visual bookmarking network will sell products … [Read More...]


Choosing A Social Strategy That’s Not Obvious To You

I’ve made a terrible mistake. I haven’t given enough fodder on SMM for the small guy’s social strategy. On a recent post, The 5 Cs Of Social Media, we received some constructive criticism in the comments that deserves some following up on. One of our readers … [Read More...]

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8 Things To Remind Yourself When Life Gets Out Of Hand

Once in a while, you hit a roadblock and wonder what’s next. You might be stuck with a crazy deadline, you might have friends complaining about this-that and the other thing or you might be overwhelmed with everything from finances to relationships. It’s nothing … [Read More...]


Helping You Write Great Content for Real People

What’s your assignment today? I’m sure you’ve got a great angle, an awesome story to tell, and the only thing you are in a rut about is how to make it worthwhile for your audience. It’s a tough task these days, as you clamour to do your job, forces are conspiring … [Read More...]


Millennial Matters: Could We Stop And Just Slow Roll The Hating On Gen Y?

I was going to lay off of this series for a week; here at ArCompany we’ve been thinking a lot about how marketers see and think about Millennials, and how important it is that we ‘get it right.’ We earnestly believe that this massive generation is changing so much … [Read More...]


The Smartest People Eat Chocolate and Optimize for Great Content

FOOD FOR THOUGHT It is a long-standing truth that correlation does not equal causation. Picture two events (A and B) where a correlation exists. There are actually four fundamental relationships between them. A is the cause of B. B is the cause of A. There is a … [Read More...]


Big Companies Use Content Hubs for Native Advertising

As large companies look for creative ways to draw attention to their advertising on content sites, a number of Fortune 500 firms are going in the opposite direction. Instead of putting their advertising around articles created by news firms, they’re putting news … [Read More...]

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checking data

Marketers: Use the Data Wisely

According to, Apps usage takes up 82% of the time that consumers are on their Smartphones.  For the … [Read More...]


Designing A Brand That Allows You To Enjoy Life

Far too often we get caught up in daily tasks and endless projects. It can become stressful and overwhelming at times, even … [Read More...]

vine tips

3 Tips for Vine App Users

Over the past 2 months I spent at least 150 hours getting to know Twitters new Vine App. In that time, I have learned three … [Read More...]

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4 Successful Strategies to Generating More Retweets on Twitter

Sometimes people will favourite your tweets, other times they'll reply and if you're really lucky you might even land a … [Read More...]

I love PR (public relations)

Social Media’s Spin on PR

I am not old enough to remember when PR first came about, however it seems to me those that do still think PR is about … [Read More...]


Content Marketing: 5 Experts 5 Views

Whether you believe the current hype around content marketing is crap or crêpes, you’re not going to avoid it. I have … [Read More...]

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