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    Well yeah, I used to be a Premium member for years and a few months ago I resigned. In my line of business I don’t beleive open networking works. Likewise I cannot imagine why I would want 29K+ linkedin connections such as you do. In my business, personal development and leadership development, the main reason why people want to do business with me is trust. I have “only” about 800 linkedin links, but these are all people I know personally. When I contact them, they know who I am, what I stand for and the value of my work. In the months I am a “plain” linkedin-user, the only drawback I encountered was that of some people outside my scope, I couldn’t see their full name and profile. Well…I can deal with that….

  2. ebuttscpa says

    Viveka – I'm one of those people who haven't tried a premium account but feel skeptical there's any value it can provide to justify $24/month. I tend to agree with Bas on creating more organic relationships on LinkedIn although there are some ppl in my network who know me much better than others.

    Having inmail always seemed like more of a tool for recruiters to cold contact potential candidates. I still couldn't see relying on Linkedin as a primary source for clients in my industry. I see it as more of a tool for longer term leads right now. I've also found a chrome extension that lets you see those who have visited your page so that discounts the value of the paid service also.
    My recent post How Can LinkedIn's New Update Improve the Way You Manage Your Professional Network?

  3. Barry Devon says

    Hi Viveka

    "I can save/tag/set reminder/write notes on the profiles of people I am not directly connected to. Since I’m using LinkedIn as a CRM, this is especially useful.
    When speaking to a prospect on the phone, I can pull up their profile and just keep notes on them, whether I’m connected to them or not."

    This feature is available with free profiles.



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