How To Protect Your Business Info From Prying Eyes When Using Public WiFi

vpn-security-1I don’t know about you, but I love working from coffee shops. There is something about it that helps the creativity flow and I seem to be able to write better. Many entrepreneurs that I talk to feel the same way. It’s a great feeling to sit down with a nice Mocha and pump out some good content and complete tasks. But there is one HUGE risk when doing this…

With coffee shops, or anywhere else that offers free public WiFi, it is a perfect place for snoopers and hackers to take all of your files and info. For example, let’s say you jump on Facebook real quick to check out what’s happening… That username and password you just typed in, just went public. Meaning, anyone with the right program (which I am not going to talk about) could have just swiped your info. It’s crazy, but it really is that easy. The same goes for logging on via your tablet or smartphone. Public Hot Spots are NOT safe at all! So the question is, do we risk our privacy for convenience?

Well the good news is, you don’t have to! Your best solution for keeping your info safe while enjoying your local coffee shop is something called a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN helps encrypt your data going through the WiFi. VPNs also provide other features besides just security, but I want to focus on the security aspect in this post.

Here is a quick video to help give you more of a visual of how this works:

Now when it comes to getting setup with a VPN, there are many to choose from. Here is a short list of some of your options:

When I was looking for the right VPN provider for me, I wanted something that would work on my mobile devices as well as my computers. A trusted security expert recommended Private Internet Access to me and I must say, it works great! It does everything I need and the price is one of the best I have seen for what they provide.

The Setup

When setting up your VPN, be sure to follow the direction given carefully. For me, there was a little setup required to get my computers setup. For my iPhone and iPad, setup was much easier. So just be sure you follow the directions carefully and you should be good to go.

My Key Takeaway

Some may doubt that it is really that easy to steal someone’s info. Which is fine, but you have a choice to be better safe than sorry, or just hope it never happens to you. I have made it standard procedure to NEVER use a public hotspot without having my VPN turned on. In fact, there are times I will even use it at my home office too. In today’s cyber world, you can never be careful enough. It’s sad, but true.

I highly recommend getting a VPN asap! Why risk having prying eyes watching and gathering your info? Security is all a part of running a successful business.

Let’s do it! :)

Paul Cooley
Paul Cooley is a consultant, speaker, coach, preacher & soon to be author. He is all about breaking the mold to traditional business, branding & life. Paul helps his clients define and express their core message and image through Social Media and other online platforms. He also helps people discover their passions and skills and make them profitable. Paul shares his "street smarts" training on his Rule Your Realm blog. It's time to #RuleYourRealm!
Paul Cooley

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