How to Reformat Your Marketing Strategy for the Digital Age

In evolutionary theory, adaptive traits are developed by species in order to survive after some type of environmental change. The cheetah’s adaptation for speed leads to the zebra’s adaption for stripes to confuse the charging cheetah when it encounters a zebra herd.

This environment of continual movement as players seek to gain the competitive advantage is exactly like today’s global marketplace. It’s a cutthroat industry, and the rate of extinction is extremely high.

Reformat Your Marketing Strategy -
Reformat Your Marketing Strategy –

If your business relies on sales, nothing is more crucial than your marketing strategy. In today’s rapidly changing business world, however, you may have run up against the limits of your tried and true methods. Social media, mobile technology, and the web have fundamentally altered the best ways to optimize your marketing strategy, and if you don’t adapt you’ll end up like the Broad-Faced Potoroo—extinct.

Here are a few crucial aspects of 21st century digital marketing that you need to look into if you’re going to reformat your marketing campaign to meet current standards.

Multichannel Marketing

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the modern age for marketers is the avenues that have emerged for reaching clients. Cell phone messaging , email marketing, retail, and websites are just a few of the different options available to digital marketers looking to get their message heard.

Multichannel marketing is effective because it reaches the customer at every turn, but in a personalized way that leads to higher conversion rates. A recent survey showed that customers are much more likely to respond well to multichannel marketing that personalizes its approach using data analytics and consistent campaigning.

Inbound Marketing

Another increasingly vital marketing strategy that you may not yet have adopted is inbound marketing. Increasing traffic flow and visibility for your site using SEO and link-building techniques is the best way to get yourself found by customers who are looking for what your company offers.

The main difference between inbound marketing and the classic outbound marketing has to do with the way customer is connected to company. Using inbound techniques, the idea is that instead of hounding any and all potential customers with information that may not be useful to them, you create a path directly to your site for customers interested in your brand’s niche.

Content is king in the inbound marketing world. You will want to look into inbound marketing services to help you create articles, eBooks, and blog posts that link to your site in an effort to engage readers and convert those readers into your customers. It’s a multi-step process, and one that is constantly evolving, but it is well worth taking the time to learn how it works and putting it into practice. The results of its success are quite impressive, and it is changing the way marketing works on a massive scale.

Social Media Promotion

These days, everyone has something to say about social media marketing and how it can help or hurt you. The fact of the matter is that it can do both—but if you use it right, you will glean the benefits while steering clear of some of the pitfalls.

There are some good articles related to setting good guidelines for social media usage for your company. The bottom line is that a strong social media presence can mean exponential growth for your business, given how active this channel is in everyday life. If your previous marketing strategies have failed, it may well be because they lacked this crucial aspect of successful modern day campaigns. Make sure you do it right the next time around.


The good news about all of this is that, like all species around today, you’ve made it this far. Unless you’re a brand new startup, you’ve been around for some years and you’re doing something right. The bad news is that predators lurk in all corners, and if you don’t keep up with the speed of marketing evolution you may well die out. So take a close look into how best to utilize the above approaches, and create a digital marketing campaign that will last you until the end of the earth.

This is a guest article by Ashley Williamson.

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