Why Relationships Matter More Than Ever in Social Selling [INFOGRAPHIC]

Relationships are one of the best investments you can make in your career. It’s relationships that increase our chances of getting a job, landing a new client and it’s relationships that lay the foundation for the most successful companies.

Our lives are filled with various relationships. Yet, through cold calling and the internet, we’ve lost sight of the importance of establishing meaningful relationships. We’re spending more and more time counting users instead of chatting with people and more time thinking about big data instead of how we can improve customer service. It’s these things that are causing businesses to lose sight of what’s truly going to allow them to stand out and succeed.

In a recent study, Introhive found that 98% of sales professionals believe that relationships are the most important aspect of sales. It sounds obvious when you hear it, but it’s rarely where time and efforts are spent. Thousands of professionals around the world are wasting time cold calling new prospects while ignoring the customers they already have. As a result, these customers are finding services and products at their competitors because they invested in building and establishing that relationship.

I’ve seen many businesses, primarily those in advertising and SEO, lose clients because they didn’t focus on the relationship. Don Draper once said, The day you sign a client is the day you start losing one. And it’s the truth. You need to focus on building a relationship with your clients that is built on trust and a clear understanding that you’re both looking to achieve their goals together.

You can do this by spending time on Twitter finding great content to share with your clients or taking them out for dinner. You might be surprised how easy it is to improve your relationships with existing clients and potential prospects using content marketing techniques or an old fashioned phone call. It’s the little gestures that can help take your relationships to the next level and make your career and business prosper.

Whether you’re a marketer or a sales professional, relationships are at the core of what we do. Developing relationships with customers, suppliers, partners and clients is at the core of our role. Check out the latest ebook on how Relationships Matter to learn even more about the power of relationships in business. In the meantime, here’s an infographic that further tells the story as it relates to the power of relationships:


Ross Simmonds
Ross Simmonds is a digital strategist, public speaker and entrepreneur. He's currently writing  Stand Out: A Content Marketing Guide for Entrepreneurs which highlights how businesses can use content marketing to drive meaningful and measurable results
Ross Simmonds


  1. says

    Ross, I couldn't agree with you more. I am confused lately when I hear of people claiming that they have too many connections or feel as if their connections aren't producing. The moment you start to talk about a connection as a number as opposed to a person, is the moment when you lose the value. Invest in relationships with people. Understand that all connections don't have to be active ones, it doesn't mean they won't materialize into one in the future. All relationship do not start the same way nor serve the same purpose. Some relationships for example are teacher to student, in the social world these none exchange relationships can become your most valuable.

    • rsimmonds902 says

      Spot on David. All our relationships matter. Not just the ones that are signing our checks and not just the ones who we think could lead to it down the road. Relationships are the backbone of society and the backbone of business. Too many people underestimate the power of simply being kind and showing that you care. Like you said, none exchange relationships can quickly become your most valuable. Thanks for taking the time to comment!
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