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We live in a society that gives lip service to entrepreneurship and small business. Whenever I hear pundits and talking heads praising small business and the “job creators,” I roll my eyes. If you are an entrepreneur, you are pretty much on your own. Too often, you feel no one can truly understand you and your challenges except other entrepreneurs.

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This is why I love the SteamFeed community. It is a collection of thinkers, social media mavericks and like-minded entrepreneurs. When I read posts from people like @jamesoliverjr, I get inspired and encouraged to press on and fight another day. When I need a spark of inspiration, SteamFeed is just what the doctor order because I can always find something to lift my spirits.

I remember sitting in my office a couple of years ago all alone after a particularly tough week. My business partner left in the middle of a crisis and I had to keep the ship afloat while making sure my customers did not feel the heat. There have been few times in my life where I felt so alone or isolated.

I decided that evening if I could ever do anything to keep other struggling entrepreneurs from feeling such isolation, I would. I needed therapy of a different order. Instead of seeking help, I sought to help. Now I spend a good chunk of my time helping aspiring entrepreneurs get through The Gauntlet and increase their chances of success by learning from the successes and failures of others, myself included.

This is why I am introducing The Players Lounge, a YouTube channel where we can gather each Friday afternoon for a few short minutes to get insights and exchange notes on how to make our businesses grow. I invite my fellow mavericks of the SteamFeed community to help launch this effort and help aspiring entrepreneurs and others who just want to do something different.

Here is the first video of this 2013 weekly series where we discuss the importance of over delivering for our customers. Subscribe and spread the word. Most importantly, send feedback on the types of topics we should cover as well as your own stories and examples. Your experiences will be highlighted for the benefit of the audience.

The revolution will be televised.

Godspeed and I look forward to seeing you in The Players Lounge.

Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones is a former Marine, serial entrepreneur of three tech start-ups and author of "Presidents, Pilots & Entrepreneurs - Lessons from the Trenches for the Everyday Entrepreneur." In his book, he chronicles what he calls the good, the bad and the ugly of entrepreneurship with key lessons for beginning entrepreneurs. He is a regular speaker at schools and trade organization on the subjects of entrepreneurship, leadership and technology. He mentors aspiring entrepreneurs on his own time and through his volunteer work with SCORE. He also shares his experiences on his blog

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