Selling Art With Instagram?

My friend Carrie Harper is a full time visual artist that just opened her own creative hub called #heARTschool by converting unused office space into a beautiful space for creating art, making music and teaching. As a matter of fact, I had the honour of teaching the first workshop “Social Media for Artists” there.

While Carrie and I have been connected on Twitter and Facebook for a long time, she discovered Instagram a while ago and she is hands down my favourite “Instagrammer” (is that a word yet?)

Photo: CarrieHarperArt Instagram Profile

I enjoyed interviewing Carrie in her beautiful space this week and you can see the full interview on YouTube.

Carrie likes using Instagram to create artistic versions of her images and then posts them to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She finds that she can create different layers of audiences, and through the use of #hashtags, she connects with other artists and art enthusiasts.

She really takes iPhone photography to a higher artistic level. She uses different photo editing apps and Instagram’s own filters and frames to reach exactly the intended effect. In my eyes, she does this in a similar way as most of her artwork: “Mixed-digital-meda” :-)

Carrie is a full time artist and the sale of her artwork is essential to her success and the success of #heARTschool. So of course I asked her if she uses Instagram to sell her art.

Here is what she said:

“I use Instagram more to connect with other people rather than selling my art. The sale effect of my Social Media activities is more an indirect effect.” ~Carrie Harper

Links to Carrie’s channels: Instagram,  Facebook,  Twitter

How do you use Instagram?

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