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Unfortunately, not paying attention to SEO is becoming increasingly detrimental to the health of any online presence. The online landscape relies heavily on machines being able to understand what we write and for the time being, they need our help.

All of the guys below do SEO the right way. Learning from their advice and experience will benefit your business in the long run.

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Rand-FishkinMoz, Rand Fishkin
Great advice both from the organisation itself and from members of the community. Their blog, Q&A section and Whiteboard Friday series are all worth checking out.

Ian-LurieConversation Marketing, Ian Lurie
He’ll always tell you exactly how it is. He is uncompromising, hilarious and a great teacher. This link takes you directly to his webinar “50 Tips in 50 minutes” which will get you on the right track in 50 minutes flat. The blog and webinar series are well worth a follow.

bill-slawskiSEO by the sea, Bill Slawski
Bill takes a more technical approach to SEO and how the search engines work by delving into the patents they register. He manages to explain technical topics in layman’s terms, offering fascinating insights that will help you understand why SEO works the way that it does.

stephen-chapmanSEO Whistleblower, Stephen Chapman
In spite of the rather slow frequency of updates, Stephen always provides good advice and in-depth case studies.

This list is a little longer than intended and I still have some more topics to cover, but they can wait until next time. I know I’ve probably missed out a ton of people from this list. Who else do you think should be included?

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