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social media world with Jeff Bullas

Social Media Marketing World 2013 #smmw13 will be remembered not as the inaugural event of a highly successful social media blog, but as the defining event for marketing conferences worldwide. Yes, it was THAT good. It could be argued that I am not the best judge, in that this was my first social media conference, so don’t take my word for it. Instead read some fo the quotes and tweets from the conference and judge for yourself.

Words of Praise From Industry Leaders, Speakers, Attendees


Mari Smith


Kim Garst

“My brain has been whirring the past few day and I had to sit down last night and actually force my brain to focus.”

Read more of Kim’s thoughts here.


Jeff Bullas


Neal Schaffer – Windmill Networking

“Top notch quality: the facilities, the people, speakers, host. Social Media Examiner is a classy organization throughout. I think that really shined throughout the entire three days we were there”.


Ian Cleary -Razor Social

“When you go to events you can get as much value from the participants as the presenters. This conference had 2 hours of networking set aside plus a speaker talking about networking and this helped make the conference so much more valuable. We got a chance to build relationships with so many people. I absolutely loved the conference and it was certainly one of the best conferences I ever attended”.


Jamie Turner – The 60 Second Marketer

In the end, any good event comes down to the quality of the speakers, the quality of the organization running it and the quality of the people attending it. It’s safe to say that SMMW gets an A+ on each and every one of these criteria.


Peggy Fitzpatrick

“It was great chance to network with people I’ve connected with online but hadn’t met in person. I learned so much and am busy implementing new ideas. Outstanding courses, panels, and keynotes”.

If you would like to hear more from Peg, she will by my guest with Gettysburg Gerry on this week’s episode of Steamfeed Radio!

I could go on, but you get the drift. OK, one more:

#AwesomenessDefined – Neal Schaffer

My Reaction to the Event – Video

My Take-aways

I honestly can sum it up in three words: Podcast, Content and Care.

  • Podcasting: The mastermind of Social Media Marketing World stated in his keynote that

    “Podcasting is the HOTTEST thing in 2013. Period”. – Mike Stelzner

    That thought was mirrored numerous times throughout the event, especially in Pat Flynn’s session. Pat went on to explain the personal, intimate nature of podcasting. Where else can you be in someone’s ear for 30 minutes to an hour at a time? Add to that the inherent portability of a podcast and you have the ultimate mobile marketing vehicle.

  • Content: Jay Baer explains it like this: Content is fire. Social media is gasoline. Simple, succinct and very easy to visualize…which coincidentally is what your content should be. By simple, I don’t mean mono-syllabic words. I mean straight-forward, in language people can relate to. Stop trying to impress your readers with fancy words like monosyllabic and just say what you mean.
  • Care: One of my favorite quotes – and I have a zillion – is by Larry Benet “People don’t care how much you know until you show them how much you care”. I love that it ties into another emerging trend: Social Commerce. Friends are family is still the preferred source for trusted product endorsements. Social recommendations will continue to play a heavier role in purchasing decisions. Trust is the currency. How better to build trust than to show how much you care? Only then can you show what you know and give customers the confidence to click the buy button.

BONUS: Sketchnotes and Sketch Tweets

Anne McColl created the most amazing sketches of her thoughts and impressions.


#smmw13 was a fantastic opportunity to deepen relationships with some amazing folks that I had previously only known online, as well as forge new friendships. Though I did not attend all of the sessions, many of which were wisely geared toward educating social media managers with limited experience, there was enough advanced content to teach even the most experienced a thing or two. I can say that the speakers I listened to were incredibly insightful, giving and inspiring. All in all, it was a complete success for everyone involved. My biggest takeaway: Find your voice. Use it. Own it.

View my Storify for Social Media Marketing World!

Will you be attending next year? Did you attend this year? Will you be attending next year?

Kimberly Reynolds
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