How Social Media is Changing the Auto Industry [Infographic]

When you look at social media and the automotive industry, on the surface, it appears they have a relationship better than Brad and Angelina. We’ve all seen the great success stories of companies like Ford with the launch of their Fiesta campaign and the YouTube sensation of VW. All of these stories demonstrate the power of social media and telling a compelling story in the automotive industry.

Brand storytelling is just one part of the picture. It’s a piece of the overarching social media puzzle that drives true success for organizations. Brands like VW, Ford and Mini Cooper have consistently excelled at telling their story on social media. That said, telling a compelling story isn’t the only piece of the puzzle that is important for brands trying to be leaders online. At the end of the day, business is about selling a product.

Studies show that while selling is one of the most important pieces of the business, it’s still one that brands are struggling with on social media. The challenge with selling on social media is the fact that brands are being forced to approach their customers in a different way. Instead of using traditional sales tactics, brands are required to nurture their leads and build real, meaningful relationships to close a deal.

For dealerships, selling is their specialty. Though there are many factors that influence how and what vehicle buys, the best sales people at a dealership know all the tricks in the book. However, a great deal of decision making and research is happening before consumers even land at the dealership. When dealerships and automotive brands think about sales and how they can increase conversion rates in person, they need to start thinking about all the various touchpoints in which their customers are doing research and asking questions. Whether it’s on an automotive site or using social media – there is most certainly a shift in the buying process.

To learn more about how social media is impacting the automotive industry, see this infogrpahic from the folks at LeadSift, a social media lead generation company:

Automotive Social Media

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