Social Media Not Working For You? Here’s Why!

Many a reputation has been tarnished by an offensive tweet or insulting post. While lack of judgement can be attributed to the social media undoing of celebrities and brands alike, it is the daily recurring faux-pas that can keep your social media marketing from accelerating and your business from benefiting.

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If social media isn’t working for you, here’s why!

  1. You Copy Rather Than Creating

Consuming yourself with what others are doing and saying will kill your creativity and grind your creative juices to a halt. Now let me first say, I do believe a healthy analysis of your competitors is greatly beneficial to your overall marketing strategy. However, if you compare for no other reason but to share others thoughts and repeat the same old tired phrases, you stagnate your own social growth and greatly increase the odds that you appear a copycat in a world begging for originality.

Quit spending your day wishing you had the voice, the knowledge or the friends of your competition and instead start focusing on your own unique abilities. You are YOU, not your competition. Do what YOU do best by determining what makes your personal brand appealing, unique and a benefit to the consumer.

  2. You Automate EVERYTHING

If you use technology to tweet, post and manage every detail of your social media marketing, you are not using social media effectively. Rather than building relationships with followers and fans, automating your existence leaves you looking like a spammer, a pusher and an annoyance to anyone who likes, friends or follows you.

While I love automation and wholeheartedly agree that it has its place, it should only be used in moderation. It can save valuable time by assisting in sharing your latest blog post or pre-planning a social media marketing campaign. However, it should never be used to simply drip information. Instead, let it free up your time so you can focus on what matters most; fostering relationships and connecting with potential clients.

Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and the many other social media management tools will let you schedule updates to your social sites so that you can actually participate in the discussion happening around you. Take the time to answer questions, comment on followers and fans posts or tweets and get to know the people who make up your social sphere. These tools will allow you to create real conversations with potential clients and those individuals who matter most to your business.

  3. You Complain…Endlessly

Do you spend much of your time discussing who did you wrong and why? If so, stop it. No one wants to hear your complaining. It’s tiresome and detrimental to your reputation.

You have the opportunity to differentiate your business and personal brand from the competition by rising above the pettiness that can consume any industry. Stay clear of the gossip and stay focused on your goals.

Certainly not everything is sunshine and roses, but you can be a ray of light to your fans and followers. Your goal is after all to build relationships. It’s very difficult to build any kind of rapport with a negative, “woe is me” tone day in and day out.

  4. You Don’t Prepare or Commit

As the Proverb goes, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” Failing to create an agenda along with a content calendar that meshes online and offline marketing leaves a lot of room for failure. Create your content marketing plan, enter it into your calendar and stick to it like any other appointment on your calendar..

To create consistent content, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is your target audience and what content do they crave?
  • What problems are you looking to solve and what solutions can you provide?
  • When do you feel inspired to create content? (morning, afternoon, late evening)
  • Which two days per week can you commit 30-60 minutes for content creation?
  • What tools will you use to assist in the management of your content?

  5. You Focus on the Fear of Failure

Social media can be scary. Whether it is the thought of sharing something personal or your stance on an industry related topic, it’s never easy to put yourself out there. Sharing your thoughts with a group of fans, followers and “friends” can make anyone freeze up in fear.

But consider this, would you prefer to sit on the sidelines, never giving yourself the opportunity to succeed or would you rather spread your wings, conquer your fear and grab a little piece of your own social media marketing magic? The choice is always yours!

What social media mistakes do you see made most? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below!

Rebekah Radice
Rebekah is the CEO of Rebekah Radice LLC, a digital marketing agency assisting business owners in the creation and execution of an integrated online strategy. Rebekah has been actively involved in the marketing industry for over 17 years and is eager to put her experience, innovative ideas and keen sense of "what works," to work for you!
Rebekah Radice

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