A Social Media Profile Is Like A Direct Mail Piece – 4 Ways To Optimize

For the average small business, individual marketer or even social media agency, the subtle nuances of social media can be a bit overwhelming. You have your Twitter account started, your personal Facebook account setup and even a Facebook business page created, but are the social media profiles optimized for success?

Think of your twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and fanpage profile information and graphics kind of like a postcard mailing from a company trying to get your business. We’ve all gone out to the mailbox, grabbed the huge stack of mail and walked back toward the house or office. While doing so, we quickly shuffle through and sort the mail into roughly two stacks in our hand. One is the “keep to open stack”, the other is what I call the “round file” or garbage stack we intend to recycle or throw away.

Twitter Profile Egg

There is an interesting process that happens as you sort through your stack of mail that is completely intuitive or subconscious for most. As we look at each envelope, postcard and flyer, we take only seconds to make the determination of which stack each go to. We make this determination based on the visual as well as text elements each mail piece contains. Your social media profile and bio typically gets the same treatment by social networking users.

So, the question is…  If you’re using social media for marketing, what are the key areas to review and optimize in your social media profiles:

Optimize Your Social Media Profile


Your profile pics and cover images are like the graphics on a direct mail piece. They don’t get you to buy, but they can certainly enhance the messaging and get you to flip the postcard over to read more. Be sure that the graphics you’re using in your profiles and pages connect with your audience and have meaning and intrigue that drive them to read your profile information.


In combination with your graphics, be sure there is a clear message. I often find brands don’t clearly state what they do and the benefits and individuals leave out what they do altogether. Your message needs to drive interest and action, whether that be a click, like or purchase. If your message isn’t clear, your mail piece (your profile), will get round filed.


Don’t forget to include your website, twitter, LinkedIn and other important links in your Facebook profile and your fanpage information. I amazed how many times I look at a persons twitter, Facebook or Google Plus profile and there are no links to their company, fanpages, LinkedIn profile, etc. People build relationships by getting to know you. The starting point for that relationship is what you do. Make it easy for them to link to that.

Facebook pages often miss this. Be sure links to your website, twitter and other social business accounts are included in the about sections of your page. Social media marketing is about letting your audience connect with you where THEY want to, not where you want them to. Make that an easy thing and you will go further, faster.


People tend to hang around people like them, relate to people like them and they buy from people they feel they know and like. Complete your bio section on Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram, so people know who you are and what you do. I rarely connect with someone who doesn’t complete their bio!

Summary Points:

1) Review your social profiles and ensure that you are portraying the proper message visually and textually.

2) Be sure your personal and business social media accounts have the proper links, allowing your audience to easily find what they are looking for.

3) Optimize your personal bio’s to tell your audience who you are and what you do.

4) Look at your profiles like a postcard. Are you taking advantage of the few seconds you have to capture your audience and draw them in to follow, friend or like?


Robert M. Caruso
Robert M. Caruso is a long time social media professional and founder of Bundlepost, the first social content management system. His company develops social media technologies that increase social media agencies and marketers efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. Robert also consults brands internationally on their social media marketing and writes weekly for his company blog.

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