SteamFeed TV Is Coming March 27th!

I am excited to announce that SFTV (SteamFeed TV) will be making its debut on March 27 at 8:30 PM EST. The show will air live via Google Hangouts On Air every other Thursday. The concept will be a bit different from and SteamFeed Radio in that while the blog offers best tips, how-to’s, and practical information from some of the best in the business, and SteamFeed Radio offers a calm relaxed, conversation style media, SteamFeed TV will be a fast-paced show with commentary and opinion on news and hot topics in the social media space done in just 30 minutes.

SteamFeed TV

The format will be a fast-paced half hour show, full of informative but potentially snarky comments and opinions from our panel. We’ll dive into various topics which will always center around trending issues in the marketing, social media and tech space. We’ll also have a chat room to make it more interactive for our viewers and from time to time we’ll take comments and questions so feel free to weigh in on subjects that move you. This is one show you are going to want to put into your calendar.

Lets introduce the team at SFTV.

GerryGettysburg Gerry; Host/Moderator

Gerry is the VP of Marketing for SteamFeed. He is also the host and producer of the popular SteamFeed Radio show which airs Wed evenings at 7pm EST on blogtalkradio.  Principal at Glasswork Media Arts, Social Media Columnist for the Gettysburg Times, Social Media strategist and community builder and Google Glass explorer. I am no different than you, no better/worse. I’m an astronaut exploring this social media space. Fully engulfed in the world that is Social Media, I awake every day anxiously anticipating what the day’s new technology will bring.I have the honor of mediating some of the brightest minds in the social media arena. I respect these social media professionals at the utmost level, I am proud to be working with them on this project, and also proud to call each and every one a friend and colleague. So let me introduce my awesomesauce panelists. Ladies First.

Brooke BallardBrooke Ballard

Co-Founder & Chief Social Strategist at B Squared Media, LLC

Like many of you, Chief Social Strategist and Founder of B Squared Media, Brooke Ballard, has seen a fundamental shift in business due to social media. How do businesses take advantage of this? Where do they start? Is social media for everyone? In-the-trenches social media experience helps B Squared Media answer these questions for companies seeking to formulate successful social strategies. Using tactics developed in her yearlong honors thesis study, Brooke helps bright and innovative entities develop social strategies around content curation, collaboration and conversation. Simply put: Think Conversation, Not Campaign.

Maria Elena Duron, is Editor-in-Chief of the Personal Branding Blog, CEO (chief engagement officer) of buzz2bucks– a word of mouth marketing firm, and a professional speaker and trainer on developing social networks that work. She provides workshops, webinars, seminars and direct services that help create conversation, connection, credibility, community and commerce around your brand. Maria Duron is founder and moderator of #brandchat – a weekly Twitter chat focused on every aspect of branding that is recognized by Mashable as one the 15 Essential Twitter Chats for Social Media Marketers.

Addicted to adrenaline, adventures and social media, Anne Reuss needs her fuel and gets it from coffee, fitness and the occassional slurpee. Being Deaf has only taught her to love, challenge, and listen abnormally well. She is a beer-loving homebrewer and community manager for 360Connext, a customer experience consulting firm, and a freelance marketing consultant.

Kimberly Yuhl

Kimberly YuhlFounder at Kim Yuhl

Hi there! I’m Kim, the creator of Secrets of Better Business, an online business training library designed to help small business owners (the mom and pop kind) work smarter and dream bigger. I am in a believer in possible and potential who is passionate about the role that small businesses and their owners play in building strong and thriving communities

Jennifer-KaneJennifer Kane

Consultant, strategist, author, educator & speaker with 20+ years of experience in marketing/communications. Passionately curious. Fairly sassy. Kinda dorky.Minneapolis Minnesota


And the Gentlemen

jeff_headshotJeff Howell

Principle, Jeff Howell Consulting at Jeff Howell Consulting

Jeff Howell is a sales and marketing professional based in Michigan. He is principle of Jeff Howell Consulting, a marketing consulting and sales training agency. Jeff is a leader in integrated marketing and has developed successful marketing campaigns. Crazy coffee lover, Red Sox fanatic, and amazingly admits to being a fan of the Detroit Lions.

Randy Bowden

randyPrincipal Partner at bowden2bowden llc

Randy is a Principal Partner along with his wife, Shalah, of bowden2bowden llc, a marketing and branding consultancy firm. Specializing in developing targeted marketing solutions, exceptional creative executions and solid branding strategies that give clients a real competitive advantage. Randy writes three posts weekly for their bowden2bowden blog and is the producer and host of the interview series marketer2marketer “a conversation.”

 I hope you are as anxious as we are to get started so make sure you follow us on Google+ and join our events page for episode 1. Until then…see you on the radio

Gerry Michaels
Gerry Michaels (Gettysburg Gerry) is Principal at Glasswork Media Arts, Radio host SteamFeed Radio on Blogtalkradio, VP Marketing Biz Dev at, Social Media Columnist for the Gettysburg Times, Social Media strategist and community builder and explorer. I am no different than you, no better/worse. I'm an astronaut exploring this social media space. Fully engulfed in the world that is Social Media, I awake every day anxiously anticipating what the days new technology will bring. Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, Pinterest. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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