Steps To Get Noticed On LinkedIn By Recruiters

LinkedIn again. I love this tool and what it can do for an account holder. I have used it to receive requests to quote jobs, for candidates looking for work, make connections to business people with whom I can do business with or refer business to. Did you know that is just as powerful for individuals looking for work?

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It’s true. Recruiters from both private businesses and recruiting agencies scour LinkedIn all the time to find business professionals passively or actively seeking work. Job boards like Monster and Career Builder are great, but what you may not know is that many high end recruiters use LinkedIn to find the best of the best. The job boards are sometimes full of actively seeking candidates which can be a little overwhelming to some recruiters.┬áLinkedIn allows a recruiter to work at the pace of their open orders and take their time to find the candidates they are looking for.

I won’t get into how they use it just yet, but I want to share some tips on how to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by recruiters:

  • Use a keyword strategy. Did you know LinkedIn profiles are indexed by Google? This gives your profile tons of potential and opportunity to be viewed by the right people. Just as a website must use a highly developed keyword strategy to increase it’s ranking, a LinkedIn profile with a sold keyword strategy will rise through the ranks. Write down a list of keywords that are associated with your profession. Then, take that list and think like a recruiter. Decide how someone might use these terms in a search query. Rather than “web developer” someone may get specific and search “jQuery” or “CSS3.” A recruiter may also search for “front end developer” or “back end developer” rather than just “web developer.” Add in similar keywords as well.
  • Have an appropriate profile picture. Chances are very high that if your profile does not have an image, it will get passed by. An easy solution is to have a simple headshot, but that is boring these days. Be creative and really stand out. Have a profile pic that incorporates your job skills. If you’re a computer tech, take a pic of yourself surrounded by machines to repair. If you’re an automotive engineer, get a pic of you in front of an assembly line with your safety glasses on.
  • Promote yourself! There is a section just below the summary section where you can post links to projects you have completed or a portfolio link. It’s easy to set up a blog or another portfolio site to share your accomplishments. If you have done projects for clients, ask their permission to showcase that project on your profile. Another great way to promote yourself is to purchase a vanity url to redirect to your LinkedIn profile. This will be especially helpful if the preferred link from LinkedIn is already taken.
  • Ask people to love you. Recommendations are a great way to get noticed. Reach out to current and past colleagues and solicit a recommendation. One of the best ways to receive one is to send one to them yourself. So do yourself a favor and share the love. Look through your connections and recommend a few. They will likely reciprocate.
  • Be active! It’s not enough to simply have your profile and not do anything with it. Join groups, share content, interact with content you see in your news feed and in the groups. The more active you can be, the better.

You should do all of this even if you aren’t actively seeking a new opportunity. You never know what business you may attract by being active and having a complete LinkedIn profile. It’s definitely worth the effort if you end up landing a big client or your dream job.

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Jeff Howell

Jeff Howell

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Jeff Howell is the Director of Business Development and Marketing for PMC, a recruitment and placement agency based in Flushing, MI. Jeff is a leader in integrated marketing and relational sales techniques. Crazy coffee lover, Red Sox fanatic, and amazingly admits to being a fan of the Detroit Lions.
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