5 Areas of Customer Insights You’re Missing

Business leaders can’t get enough of customer data lately. We track everything from web site clicks to where else our customers shop. Big data is the buzz word, but what about small data? Some things you will discover as you look past that big data and begin to discover the painful truth: You are not listening […]

Handling The Algorithm: Social Data Insights You Need To Know

How aware are you of the algorithms that rule your life? I have a vested interest in your answer. I make my living building vibrant online communities from participants on social media platforms that lead to increases in revenue for clients. Algorithms are a perplexing problem in my decision making. Devious mediation by algorithms imprint […]

5 Telling Signs You’re An Absolutely Lazy Blogger

In this post you’ll learn What a bone idle blogger looks like What Blogging success looks like The importance of The Plan Why Important Things Are Capitalised How to defeat Distraction From The Shinies You know the signs of blogging success. You see the signs everywhere: subscribers, social proof, comments, flash car, mansion overlooking the […]

3 Ways To Generate Leads For Your Time-Starved Business

When you’re a small business owner, one thing is for certain: your brand must generate leads in order to survive. The more leads, the more potential clients. You know they’re out there, and you know they need your products or solutions. They know they need your products or solutions as well. The problem? They (your […]

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

You’ve taken a looksee into social media marketing. You tremble. It looks about as comfortable as swimming the seas to another continent. You feel you’ll drown. Or get munched on by the sharks who call it home. I know. I’ve been there. Everyone has. Take a deep breath. I have just the thing for you. […]

Gen Z: It’s Too Damned Early to Start Stereotyping

One thing that I’ve learned as I work with our Millennial Think Tank is that, more often than not, sweeping generalizations about 80 million people fall flat. The reality is that Boomers, Gen Xers and even Millennials have a lot in common that is never spoken about. What is most true is that NO generation is a […]