5 Solid Reasons You Should Write For A Multi-Author Site

If you want to grow your brand, your readership, and influence, then you need to get your content in front of as many new eyeballs as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by joining a multi-author site. Joining a multi-author site has many benefits to it. Here are some of the […]

20 Email Marketing Mistakes that Are Costing You Sales

Here’s a sobering thought. You sit down to write an email newsletter or email blast.  You labor over each word making sure it’s just right. You make sure the pictures look pretty and the layout is just perfect and finally schedule the email to go out first thing the next morning. You lay your head […]

SteamFeed TV – Blogging Comments, Mozilla CEO, and Customer Power

Episode 2 of SteamFeed TV went off without a hitch last night! Here are the topics we discussed: 1. Blogging Comments – Should sites be shutting off their comments? A few big sites like CopyBlogger did just that and we discuss the pros and cons of shutting them off for well established sites and for […]

Dear Parents, Please Read This If Your Child Uses Social Media

As a parent and an educator, this topic is near and dear to my heart. Every week that passes, the social media landscape changes, and keeping up with it can be a nightmare. I ask that if you find value in this article please share with others so that we may spread the word about keeping […]

Top Ingredients of an Effective Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy isn’t a one size fits all solution. Each one tailored to meet the marketing needs of a specific business or brand. Even so, there are a few core elements of a social media marketing action plan that are mandatory for successful execution. Whether you’ve already rolled out your strategy, or are eager […]

Words Are Innocent Until Context Makes Them Guilty #banbossy

“There are no bad words.  There are bad thoughts. bad intentions, and wooooords.” ― George Carlin George Carlin was a man before his time.  If you haven’t heard of him – go to YouTube and watch a few of his routines.  He was more than the “Hippy Dippy Weatherman” or the man who was banned […]

What’s The Secret To Quality Content? 5 Factors To Consider

There’s a lot of discussion about what is quality content. Everyone has a different definition of it. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of all the different opinions on this topic. This post is intended to spark discussion on the topic of quality content. Keep this in mind while reading, as I want to […]

Social Media Fluff: The Honeymoon Is Over

It’s been a fun ride, social media. We dashed down the aisle after barely knowing one another, and have spent the past few years in a blissful state on the beach, lapping up libations made of kitten memes and ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ posters. But alas, the honeymoon is OVER. It’s back to reality […]

Networking Doesn’t Have To Be Draining

It’s not what you know, but who you know. We’ve all heard of the above quote and believe it to be true. I also believe that quote has resulted in an increase of networking events all over the world. Networking is not a new concept at all; however, it is one that people are beginning […]

New Facebook Page Layout 2014: What To Expect

So, what should you expect in the new Facebook Page layout 2014? “The only thing constant is change.”  ~Francois de la Rochefoucauld This seems especially true with Facebook, right?  :) Well, they’ve moved our cheese again! Prelude To A New Facebook Page Layout Just days before announcing the new Facebook Page layout, Facebook announced the […]