Words Are Innocent Until Context Makes Them Guilty #banbossy

“There are no bad words.  There are bad thoughts. bad intentions, and wooooords.” ― George Carlin George Carlin was a man before his time.  If you haven’t heard of him – go to YouTube and watch a few of his routines.  He was more than the “Hippy Dippy Weatherman” or the man who was banned […]

Social Media Fail – @GirlScouts Crush A Girl’s Social Good, Then Make It Worse!

After an amazing #SMRebelsHelp chat last night where our young 11 year old guest, @emmavermaak01 joined to talk about her project to not just sell a few cookies, but to raise donations for many more cookies that could be sent to our troops over seas, everything completely fell apart. Even though the Girl Scouts twitter account […]