SteamFeed TV (Ep.9): Wearable Tech, Twitter & World Cup, Social Media Summer Detox

SteamFeed TV Episode 9: “We’re burnt out because we’re seeing marketers market themselves… It’s sad when you see a whole feed of people watching the fireworks and then there is that one person who is never off the clock with “Ten Tips For Facebook Success”. Seriously go hug your kid and look at the sky.” […]

Hey, Social Media Experts: Practice What You Post!

There’s an epidemic of social media and digital “experts” sweeping the web. The only problem with many of these “professionals” is that they don’t apply the same standards that they apply to their posts. Maybe you’ve seen it, too? It looks something like this: POST: “Be nice!” PERSON: Runs around treating people badly, gossips about […]

Convergence and Consolidation: A View of the Social Media Future

Since graduation from college, I’ve had the opportunity to work in several industries (in marketing still) that have afforded me an insider’s view. From higher education (Santa Clara University) to networking, routing, and wireless (HP, Cisco), and freelance clients in the dating and communications space, there’s a common pattern affecting all industries: Convergence Consolidation No […]

5 Must-Watch TED Talks for Social Media Marketers

Our world – the world of social media marketers – is just as fast paced as SEO. We need to be adaptive. Quick on our feet. Swift thinkers. Educational video series “TED” highlights the mantra, “ideas worth sharing.” Each “TED talk” features professionals in a wide variety of disciplines and fields. They give presentations and […]

SteamFeed TV: Slacktivists and Social Media & Sports

SteamFeed TV: Slacktivists and Social Media & Sports Is it enough to just like or share a page or an update for a cause you believe in or do you really need to support these causes in other ways (donations, volunteer, etc…) to make a real difference? “People think they’ve done their part. It’s like […]

How To Start Your Social Media Strategy

Many businesses put a lot of time into developing long-term, comprehensive, social media strategies that define how social media will be used to grow their business and their revenue. While that sounds like a good idea, there’s a BIG problem that many people tend to forget about… Social media changes constantly. By the time you’re […]

SteamFeed TV – Tech vs Locals, Twitter Changes, Social Media and Our Schools

Last night’s episode of SteamFeed TV was our maiden voyage and we had a blast! Of course we had a few technical hiccups but what would episode 1 be without some bumps in the road. We’re already working hard to smooth them out before our second episode on Thursday April 10th (Join our daily email […]

These B2B Hashtags Keep Marketers From Drowning in the Twitter Stream

Let’s face it…many of us still think Twitter is the most confusing social media platform of them all. If you’re a regular Twitter user, then you have probably learned to maneuver through the platform’s idiosyncrasies. Think about it though: how intuitive is it to have conversations with people who may not even be using their […]

The Other Half: Social Media Monitoring

Social media has proven itself to be one of the most powerful platforms out there when it comes to reaching current and potential customers. Unfortunately, that is all many businesses seem to understand. The late adopters, the skeptics, and all of the followers out there waited for the innovators and risk takers to prove social […]

Social Media Fluff: The Honeymoon Is Over

It’s been a fun ride, social media. We dashed down the aisle after barely knowing one another, and have spent the past few years in a blissful state on the beach, lapping up libations made of kitten memes and ‘Keep Calm And Carry On’ posters. But alas, the honeymoon is OVER. It’s back to reality […]

SteamFeed TV Is Coming March 27th!

I am excited to announce that SFTV (SteamFeed TV) will be making its debut on March 27 at 8:30 PM EST. The show will air live via Google Hangouts On Air every other Thursday. The concept will be a bit different from and SteamFeed Radio in that while the blog offers best tips, how-to’s, and […]

The Future of the Internet is Anonymous

Right now we’re in a world that sees  transparency as the new form of integrity. Right now we’re in a world that understands that reputation is everything. Loyalty is somewhat fleeting as consumers, armoured with this incessant flow of knowledge from the web, have the ability to make swift  judgements and decisions about individuals, companies […]

Localized Social Media Listening Can Happen with EchoSec

In all the time I have been in the online world, I have never come across an application that had my mind explode with its potential while scaring the living H-E-Double Hockey Sticks out of me. As I watched the demo of EchoSec over my GoToMeeting connection with CEO Karl Swannie, all I could think […]

The Ultimate B2B Marketing Guide To Drive Real Results

B2B isn’t sexy and B2B doesn’t get a lot of love from marketers. People spend hours and hours gushing over the latest superbowl ad and social media campaign from various body washes and automotive brands. It’s rare that we find people spending time analyzing successful b2b marketing initiatives and the reason is because a lot […]

10 Tools to Make Your Social Media Management Easier

Every second, 9,100 tweets are sent. In a given day, 55 million status updates are made on Facebook. Those are just two examples illustrating the volume of content and activity occurring in social media. By the time you are finished reading this, those statistics will probably have changed. People often ask me about my activity in social media and how I manage all the content that I see and share,…

Twitter Tango: He Says, She Says…Who’s Right?

How many people are too many to follow on Twitter? Is it OK to automate your tweets or should you manually write each one? These are two of the most popular questions asked by both veterans and newbies. Maybe you want to know the answers too. This is a unique blog post for SteamFeed — […]

5 Tips To Rock Your Content Strategy With LinkedIn Showcase Pages

This past November, LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages, a new feature designed to help businesses  better market their brand(s),  products, services,  verticals, and more. On its blog, LinkedIn explained that this new feature would provide businesses the opportunity to “spotlight” specific parts of their company, not just the organization as a whole. This is meant to ensure […]

33 Captivating Statistics That Could Change Your Marketing Strategy

These social statistics could change how you mold, strategize and deliver your content marketing strategy.

Leveraging Social in Sales with Kitedesk

You are a sales person with a large company. Your day is spent working in your CRM, making calls and looking for opportunities. As you surf the industry mags, online, you see an interesting article about a new company that you know fits in your sales target. You look at the website and then it […]

How to Get the Full Impact of Social Media on Your SEO

Any SEO campaign cannot afford to ignore social media. It has become a basic part of a SEO plan and thus, you have to take part in at least some section of it if you wish to rank with Google. An online business today must use social media in some way to achieve success. Let’s […]