The Jerry Maguire Guide For Social Media Professionals

Social media professionals – What would Jerry Maguire do?

jerry maguire manifesto - Jerry MaguireThere are just some things that should be said.  After all, this is SteamFeed — Marketing, Social Media, and Tech Truth.

In this “Jerry Maguire Moment,” I could lose popularity with other social media professionals once they read this.

But sometimes productive learning comes through intense debate, right?

Field Conditions

I’ve been noticing some of my fellow social media professionals lately.  Or maybe I should state that I’m NOT noticing them:

  • Their social profiles are sparse.
  • Their own social media marketing is inconsistent or non-existent.
  • They’re not keeping up with latest social media trends and developments.

Mainly self-employed consultants.

In short, their habits do not emulate what they would claim to do for their clients.  Put another way, there is not very much to prove they can actually do what they say they can do.

This is alarming to me, as potential customers look to online social proof to gauge a standard.  They want to find value.

If the standard looks unimpressive, that is their idea of industry representation, and this makes things harder for the list of the social media professionals that are actually performing.  As social media marketing is still growing to be a way of doing business for every business, those that are leading by example must work harder as a result, and the evolution is slowed.

So, not “walking the talk” is like wearing the wrong color jersey in the Super Bowl.  You’re letting your team down!

There’s A Flag On The Play

I’ve actually heard the following excuses (each multiple times) as reasons social media professionals are not doing for themselves as they say they do for others:

  •  “I don’t need to.”
  • “I don’t have time.”
  • “My clients want me to spend my time working on their social media rather than my own.”


To me, this translates to, “I don’t want to.”  For me, red flags shoot up, and onto the field!

Lets take a look at each of those plays individually…

Slow Motion Replay

1) “I don’t need to keep my social profiles up.”

So, you don’t believe in leading by example?  Don’t your clients deserve to be served by a professional that has achieved for themselves first?

To this one I say that you are short-changing those you serve.  The world of social media changes fast!  By not allowing your own social networking to be a place where experimentation and learning occurs, the client becomes the guinea pig, and they receive less value for their dollar by hiring and keeping you.

That, my friend, is unfair.

Renee Zellweger Jerry Maguire - crackle.com2) “I don’t have time.”

Not acceptable.  We make time for what is important to us.

This is the same as going onto the football field and not working out or warming up before the big game.

By saying you don’t have time, you are saying you are not willing to invest in your own online reputation – The very steps you would take for your clients.  Lets recall the old saying in management: “Don’t ask people to do things you wouldn’t do yourself.”

3) “My clients want me to spend my time working on their social media rather than my own.”

Of course they do!  But I’d venture a guess that they don’t pay your bills, have your obligations, and are not willing to sign for them.

As long as you are bringing value and completing the objectives in your service agreement, you call the plays.  You are the manager of your team.


Be Your Own Client (Be Your Own Manager)

Someone asked me why I put so much effort into my social networking.  Why I am always consistently pushing to display engaging content on my Facebook Page.

My answer: My Facebook Page is my showcase — It’s the place where I show what I can do on that social network.

One question I have: If you do not want to, or do not prioritize keeping your social profiles current, what are you doing in this line of work?

Another question I’ll re-phrase: When your client asks to discuss what they find on your social profiles, what do you say?  How do you address social proof?

Coaches Tips

It wouldn’t be a SteamFeed post without actionable advice.

Folks, it’s time to put on all of our professional gear, and play for the touchdowns.  Any successful entrepreneur or small business owner will tell you that you probably won’t get eight hours of sleep each night.  It’s up to you to do one of two things:

  • Suck it up and just do it. (Like Nike)
  • Hire someone to help you get ‘er done.

showmethemoney - Jerry Maguire (1)Or, maybe a combination of the two.

So… Do as I say, not as I do?  No way!

The response to all of the three points above is:

Show me the money.

Until social business is a standard for every business, it is the job AND responsibility for all social media professionals to lead by example and display the standard of credible social proof that decision-making business contacts deserve to see.

Anything less qualifies one for a seat on the bench.

Let the social media professionals willing to make the tackles and run the winning plays take the field.

Your turn!

Do you agree?  Disagree?

What pieces of advice did I miss mentioning above?

Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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Keri Jaehnig
Keri Jaehnig is the Founder and CMO at Idea Girl Media, an international Social Media Marketing Agency. Keri helps business brands, non-profits and public figures achieve social media success and positive online reputation. Keri's work has been featured at Forbes and Social Media Today, Search Engine People, and she has been quoted by Business Insider. She also writes for her own blog at In 2013 Keri received a Small Business Influencer Honorable Mention Award, and a commendation for Outstanding Attainment in Social Media from the State of Ohio Senate. Non-fat lattes, travel & quick wit make her smile, and Keri is always enthused to meet new people!
Keri Jaehnig

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19 Comments on "The Jerry Maguire Guide For Social Media Professionals"

January 26, 2013


Terrific title of the for the post you're working on — Please keep me posted, I'd love to read it!

It is becoming more and more frequent. Our society is conditioned to want to go quicker, faster – be more efficient. But social media is about building relationships. Can we really be "more efficient" when it comes to relationships?

In my local area, I see a lot of short-cuts being taken, and the trouble is that those that would hire someone to do this for them have not seen a standard that is different. They don't know to expect more. So it's a matter of education and spreading the message to the masses.

Lets together lead by example. Thank you for dropping by the Google+ hangout — A pleasure to "meet" you there!!

Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts,


January 24, 2013

Holy – thanks for the ammunition :-)
I'm working on my own draft of "Why you shouldn't get your social media advice from a discount store"…
The funny thing is that I see the tendency to be lazy with their own social media from people that offer "cheap" social media short-cut-spam-advertising services as well as from those that would actually be able to hire staff to set a good example….
Thanks for this – NOW I will join that G+ Hangout tomorrow … you convinced me :-)

January 23, 2013


You're liking my "tough-love" phrasing, eh? :)

You're absolutely correct – There is no excuse for NOT doing it. And if you want to present yourself as an expert – someone in the know – you should display that you know the tools to do it.

It is easy to let time run away on social media, that's for sure. A plan of posts & times for interaction, I find works well.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Klaudia,


January 23, 2013

Great post Keri! "Suck it up and just do it" – I love it. I think it's very important to start and to be persistent. If we can't do something on our own (no time, etc.) – then find someone who can help. There is no excuse for NOT doing. Create a plan, think what's good for you and your business, and start doing it.

I like your question: "How much time do you spend on your personal social media brand each week?" I think the right answer is: every time you are on social media platform – you build/maintain your personal (social media) brand :)

January 22, 2013


Thank you for your kind words. Glad we're on the same page.

You stated it very well: "This whole sphere is still in its infancy, and these bad apples are not only hurting themselves, but hurting the entire space."

We're in this together!

So happy to be part of SteamFeed with you!!

Thanks for your comment,