Think Blogging Doesn’t Pay Off? Think Again.

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Whether you’re a business of one or manage 25 employees, you likely understand the importance of marketing yourself. But have you been paying attention to your business blog? Chances are you’re losing money the longer it sits stagnant.

Here’s just a few ways that blogging can help your business -

Establish Your Expertise

If your blog is targeted and informational, you can better secure your business as a leader in the field. Depending on what your business focuses on, you might provide tips and strategies or helpful information about upcoming events.

For example, when I worked as a social media manager for a car wash, we focused the blog content on clean car tips and maintenance that would help customers know they were dealing with experts. It was great to work on the blog because it was such a niche market that needed to be covered in a blogging space.

Provide Continuous, Fresh Content

One way to help your website and your business in general through blogging is to update it regularly. Blogs that are updated often can drive more traffic to your site. This has worked both for my clients and for my own business. Writing about topics like social media marketing plans and choosing keywords for my business blog has not only generated interest in my business, but increased connections and better business overall.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

If you have established social media accounts, leverage them with your blog posts. Post just a blog a week on your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter accounts and watch the traffic to your website increase. Step it up later and try posting two links per week to your blog. Linking to your content regularly will help your audience come to your blog, converting them later to clients and customers.

How has blogging helped your business? What tips/strategies can’t you live without? Please leave a comment below!

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Megan Harris
Megan Harris is a copywriter and proofreader at Imagery Marketing Group in St. Louis, Missouri. When she's not writing, she researches her family tree in her spare time, hangs with her husband and their dog, Cooper, and is earning her Masters in Public Administration at University of Illinois-Springfield.
Megan Harris


Job-seeking #marketing professional. SEO, social media, and copywriting experience. Movie fiend. New mom. All-around nerd.
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Megan Harris
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  1. Blogging provides a way for a business or individual to reach audience and to have fresh content continuously be made available to Google to help keep your brand, niche and information showing up in the SERP. As you say, linking blogs to social media can be an effective way to help make yourself immediately relevant to others, get noticed and gives you the ability to have instant feedback and conversation.

  2. djthistle says:

    Great post Megan! You make some great points here. Keeping the content updated and fresh on your blog is definitely important if you want to establish a community.

    Also, the photo with this story freaks me out a bit. :)

  3. Well put Megan, keep pouring fresh in the funnel!

  4. Hi Megan, great points here and I L-O-V-E the Title of the post. I think another great strategy along with providing fresh content is to provide consistent content. Meaning keep your readers in mind with the type of articles you are producing. For your car was example you are providing a resource that is relevant to your audience and industry.

    Not only that, but having relevant consistent content about a specific subject will build your presence as a thought leader and entice those readers to subscribe to your blogs RSS via reader or E-mail.

    This happens because your readers will have a clear understanding of the type of content you publish and also what they should expect from future content.

    Short and simple post, but it packs a lot of good info. And I agree with DJ about the photo :D

    • Thanks, Jacob! Consistent content is definitely a good idea. I didn't necessarily want to cover that hear because I had a feeling people would ask, "How often should I update?" That decision is complex and multi-faceted, so it's really up to the writer.

  5. I've found that it also acts as an ice-breaker. Whether I'm meeting fellow freelancers or prospective clients, I've found that mentioning a blog is a great conversation starter. Even if they don't blog, they definitely read one.

    I think I've landed more clients talking about blogging platforms and offering blog formatting and editing tips than actually sending in samples of my work :)

    Good post Megan!

    • That's great, Samar! I've also gained clients from my blog posts. The main places they have found them is guest posts on other sites, on my freelance blog and on my business blog. People are reading, even if you don't realize it!

  6. Boosting my social media presence is exactly what I'm doing now which is what I haven't done before. So I'm hoping it works. SEO was just a waste of time in my opinion, it's done but a waste of time.

    • Ryan – Blogging can help with your SEO because it will bring in readers who search specific keywords. Just keep your focus on good content and establishing yourself in social media, and before you know it, you'll have regular traffic to your site!

  7. Wish I would have found this post informative. Maybe a different title to businesses ignoring the blogging platform.

    • Kimberly – What kind of blog post were you looking for? What about it wasn't informative from your point of view?

      I wrote this to make it obvious to anyone who could benefit from a blog, including businesses, that they should invest the time into blogging. It does pay off whether or not they want to admit it. If they don't have the time, they can always outsource it to someone with a proven track record for writing quality content.

  8. The biggest (hardest) thing for me is learning how to reuse blog content. I don't want a blog post to die the day after it is posted…

    • Alan – You might make your blog post into a presentation or a series of them into an ebook. Lots of possibilities for continuing the use of it! Also, if the blog has pertinent information for another post, link it. Best of luck!

  9. I'm in absolute agreement here. That's why I have multiple blogs, hopefully highlighting the different things I do to impress anyone who might be looking for services I provide.

  10. Three great points on why businesses should be blogging. I often times teach business owners that a blog post can work today, tomorrow, next month and/or a year from now. Cold calling does not do that.

    A blog post works 24/7/365, and never calls in sick. It should be your best sales asset, if the website is set up correctly.
    My recent post 10 Questions You Must Ask When Hiring a Las Vegas Social Media Company

  11. It starts with the blog but more importantly is what you do with the blog. Sharing and marketing your content is even more important. Someone very smart once told me you should spend 20% of your time creating the content and 80% of your time marketing the content.


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