Top 3 YouTube SEO Tips : Get More Views!

So you’ve made a YouTube video and you’re really proud of it. You post it on YouTube and get five views (and those are from your Mom). medium_4481461680What went wrong? Most likely it’s because the video wasn’t search engine optimized for YouTube. Today, we are going to look at three YouTube SEO tips for  optimizing your YouTube video to get the views it deserves. Grab a cup of coffee, get caffeinated and let’s get you some views!

Tip 1: Video Tags and Keywords

This is the most important tip. The next two tips are built on which keywords you select during this stage.

Follow these simple steps to get the best targeted keywords for your video:

Step 1. Go to Google’s Keyword Tool and type in the topic that your video is about. You will then get a list of keyword ideas.

YouTube SEO tips

Step 2. Sort this list by competition, low to high. This will give you the keywords easiest to rank for in your niche.


Step 3.  From that list select 2-5 low competition keywords that relate to your topic and enter them into the Tags field under your YouTube video.


Bonus Tip: Suggested Search

Go to YouTube and in the search bar start typing your targeted keyword(s). You will see a drop down list of suggested searches that pop up below. These are common searches performed by users and is a good place to start when trying to think of targeted keywords to start with. It is also a good way to think of topics for future videos.


Tip 2: Video Title

I think it’s obvious that if you don’t title your video, then no one is going to see it. It’s equally as important to have that title optimized for search. Take the top two keywords from your video Tags and combine them to create a compelling title. If your keywords are social media tips and social media revolution then your video title could be, “Top 5 Social Media Revolution Tips”.

Tip 3: Video Description

When you create your YouTube video’s description, take as many of the keyword tags from tip 1 as possible, and create sentence(s) from those keywords. If your YouTube tags are social media tips, social media revolution and social media pros then your description could read,” Social Media is evolving. Social Media pros don’t really exist, just tips that can fuel a revolution.”

So these are my YouTube SEO tips for you! Do you create YouTube videos? Share a tip or ask question below.


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