How to Use Blog Commenting to Grow Your Audience


Strategically building a blog commenting strategy around networking and building relationships can help build your audience. [tweet this]

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Why Blog Commenting is Important?

Let me start by saying blog commenting may be one of the most time consuming and sometimes frustrating ways to promote your blog. However, when you do it thoughtfully it can be extremely effective. Why should you invest your time by reading and commenting on other sites?

  • You demonstrate your experience and builds your authority in your industry.
  • You get to collaborate and support fellow bloggers and business owners.
  • It can improve your SEO (search engine optimization) and draw cross-over traffic by leaving a direct link back to your site which their audience can follow.
  • It can generate guest posting opportunities.

Finding Comment Worthy Blogs

Finding new blogs to comment on can be a challenge. Of course you will want to focus on high-profile and high-traffic blogs to get the most return on your time investment. Try these tools to find new blogs.

  1. Blog Directories: Basically, blog catalogs that list blogs by topic, bloggers and popularity. Try Alltop and Technorati.
  2. Topic-Based Browsing: This allows you to create feeds of articles on topics you specify. This is a great way to peruse articles when you have a few minutes to spare and comment on something that catches your interest. Try Instant RSS Search and
  3. Google Blog Search: Its blog search is vast and can be quite useful. Posts are also almost guaranteed to be fresh, and you can see when each post was published before clicking through. However, some mainstream news sites are also being indexed as “blogs” at the moment. For this and other reasons,Google Advanced Blog Search might be best for deeper dives into highly specific and esoteric post topics.

Comment Etiquette

Blog commenting only works if you are doing it with right intention. Focus on blogs that are similar or complimentary to your blog. It will help draw more relevant traffic and help establish your authority. With that said, here are some guidelines to make sure you are playing nice and helping your reputation:

  • Be Respectful
    Always find something positive to say. Even if you disagree with a point being made, you can do so in a respectful way. You know how hard it is to get people to comment on your blog don’t go ruining the party for someone else. As you would with any host, remember to thank them for their contribution.
  • Don’t Take Over
    Your comment shouldn’t be about you, it should be about them and their message. Talk about ways you support their message and why their message is important. Be supportive not a bully.
  • Add Value
    Be thoughtful, sincere and precise in your commenting. Start by reading the article! Leaving a comment of “nice post” will hardly achieve any of the goals we talked about earlier. Make sure you are continuing the conversation by providing examples to support your comment.
  • Stay on Topic
    Bloggers always welcome comments and additional information that enhances the subject of the post. Out of respect, read the post completely before you reply, and try to stay on topic. If things start to stray, wait until you see how the blog host handles the off-topic conversation before commenting.
  • Avoid Redundancy
    It’s best to read the thread of previous comments before posting your own. That way you can be sure your reply will add value vs. repeating what has already been said (this does not apply to thanking the host!).
  • Don’t Include Links Unless Invited
    Do not include links in the body of comment unless it is clear they are accepted. Look at previous posts and see if the blog host has commenting guidelines. If links are allowed link deeper into your site by providing a link to a blog that speaks to the topic at hand.

You Are Your Comments

When blog commenting refer back to the goals we discussed for why commenting is important. Ask yourself, does this comment support the goals? Personalities come across through comments. If you are only in this to drive traffic, your agenda will be obvious.  If you make this a strategy for building relationships, you will be successful and see your efforts pay off with an increase in traffic.

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