Use Pinterest…. Like a Man

Do you use Pinterest? Most men don’t…. why is that?

It’s not news that on average, more women use Social Media tools than men. I’m no sociologist but this probably has to do with the fact that in most societies women are more social in general.

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Pinterest users take this to a new level with the vast majority ( ~ 80%) of active users being female.


Of course that doesn’t mean that men can’t use Pinterest effectively!

My friend John Thiessen ( @OKDigitalmedia ) is a professional videographer with over 25 years of experience in video production and in building successful businesses. He is also the most successful man I know on Pinterest. A success not necessarily measured in boards or re-pins but in relationships built and service contracts created.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing John about this and I want to share parts of this conversation with you below. You can hear the full interview on my Soundcloud stream.

If you know John Thiessen, you know that a 30 minute chat can not really be covered in just one blog post so I have created one on my blog that focuses more on his view of using Social Media for business. Social Media Provides a Lot Of Different Touch Points


Some of the things John said in the interview are:

Men generally don’t share as much. Women share a lot more – the things they like, the things they don’t like…

When it comes to Social Media and life in general people are hesitant to open up and expose a little bit of who you are.

Pinterest allows me to take various aspects of my life, things that I love, things that I’m interested in and expose them and show them to the world. And people come to the profile and say “wow, I didn’t know that John has been here or John wants to go there or…. what matters to John.” And “the things important to John are important to me….. maybe John is a good guy…. maybe I want to do business with John”

John figures that the wedding film industry is still in its infancy. He estimates that his industry has about 15 -20% acceptance rate by couples that are getting married. Where a photographer has about 80% acceptance. The old style long-wedding videos are being replaced by short, 4 minute videos that people want to share socially with the world. So it’s easy for them to re-pin it to their board.

John finds that most brides that contact him after connecting with his Pinterest boards and himself will hire him for his services.

Check out John Thiessen’s Pinterest boards by clicking on this image:

Tweet4ok Pinterest boards John ThiessenJohn has taught me a lot about business and I am very grateful for his compassionate, inspirational use of Social Media. John’s example teaches me that a man can use Pinterest successfully. We just have to lose the stigma that “Pinterest is for girls” and guys don’t “get it”.

A large part of using Social Media successfully is the ability to build trusting relationships. I learned that Pinterest is a good way to begin that relationship and I’m going to be more active on Pinterest. Here are my boards:

screenshot tweet4ok pinterest boards

How do you use Pinterest?

*This is a guest article by Frithjof Petscheleit*

Credits: Images and audio with permission of John Thiessen and Frithjof Petscheleit

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