How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Local Business

As Pinterest continues to take the social media world by storm, learning how to incorporate this virtual pinboard into your local business is a must.

Not only is it an excellent way to boost awareness about your local business, but it can also help establish your business as one committed to the health, growth and success of your local area.

Through the power of images, your business can become the conduit between consumers and your city.

Give them a Pinterest destination that offers your unique perspective about what makes it fun, fabulous and oh-so-awesome to live and work in!


6 Ways to Market Your Local Business

  1. Share the Love About Your City

Pin articles, reviews and your favorite locations around town as a way to share why you love the city you live and work in.

It’s a fabulous way to add your take on what makes your city so special. Pictures have the ability to tell a very unique story. Let those pictures connect your Pinterest followers with your treasured city!

  2. Shine a Spotlight on Other Local Businesses

Sound crazy to promote another local business? Not at all!

Create a board that shares your favorite local haunts such as coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, dry cleaners and movie theaters.

Offer your thoughts on why each one stands above their competition and why anyone within the area should check them out. This is a great way to establish rapport with local owners and begin to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

  3. Create Your Local City Guide

From star spotting on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the beaches of Malibu, there are plenty of things to do in my hometown. What makes yours unique?

Pin your favorite parks, museums or sporting venues. This can be anything you deem remarkable, awe-inspiring or just plain cool enough to share.

  4. Share Free Things to Do in Your City

Who doesn’t love finding fun, free attractions within their area?

Whether it’s arts, culture, attractions, or activities, pin pictures of your favorite locations and include a colorful description explaining why it’s a must-visit location.

  5. Take Pictures of Local Events

Does your town have an annual pumpkin patch or Christmas tree lighting that the whole town attends? Pin it and share it!

Take pictures of popular events within your area and share them on a community board.  Whether it’s a fundraiser, town hall meeting or school event, behind-the-scenes photos are always fun to see.

  6. Tips on Pet Friendly Locations

As a dog owner and someone who travels frequently with my two little guys, it’s imperative that I find local pet-friendly restaurants and hotels.

While many look to Yelp, there is no reason you can’t make your Pinterest board the resource for your community.

Pin restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, bars, dog parks and any other pet friendly locations in your city to create a go-to spot for pet lovers of all kinds.

What’s your top tip for local businesses using Pinterest? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

Rebekah Radice
Rebekah is the CEO of Rebekah Radice LLC, a digital marketing agency assisting business owners in the creation and execution of an integrated online strategy. Rebekah has been actively involved in the marketing industry for over 17 years and is eager to put her experience, innovative ideas and keen sense of "what works," to work for you!
Rebekah Radice

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