Using Pinterest for Market Research

Using Pinterest for Market Research

When you launch a new product, Pinterest can offer you instant and valuable insight. With each Pin you can learn which images and descriptions have the greatest impact. You can use this valuable insight to shape your next campaign. product development, co-branded contests, and for influential consumer outreach.

Here are some things to look for as you are evaluating the way you have been Pinned:

How are your images being categorized?

  • Look at the names of the board that your product has been Pinned to. Is it aspirational (Dream Kitchen), have they added your product to a DIY board (they could be planning to make rather than buy)

What other brands, products, or services have they Pinned with yours.

  • This can be eye opening. Maybe you had not considered your product as a complement to something else.

Pinterest can be used as a marketing testing ground

  • Get instant feedback – Pins can easily be tracked to see most re-pinned, liked, and commented on

Understand Sentiment

  • Look at the board descriptions and the Pin descriptions – what words are Pinners using to describe your product (love this dress)


Here are two innovative marketing campaigns that used Pinterest for market research:


Israel based agency Smoyz used Pinterest for an influencer outreach project. This project highlights how easy it can be to find out what people like by looking at what they Pin. Smoyz found 50 inspiring women and looked through their boards to find out the things they were Pinning to express themselves. The agency then created personalized, handmade gift boxes filled with some of the items the women had Pinned. Smoyz created a special Pin for each woman and then a repin by them indicated  an interest.

Results of this campaign:

100% Participation

2284 interactions

over 700K impressions

If you have not seen the video of the brand strategy, you can see it here: Inspiration Day by Kotex

Another campaign that took a deeper look at Pins was a contest on Pinterest.  güd from Burt’s Bees brought one lucky Pinner’s perfect morning to life.

You can see how they brought Keri Pfieffer’s perfect good morning to life here:


What have you learned from the way your product has been Pinned? Please leave a comment below!

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