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Steamfeed.com was founded in August 2012 by two guys (@danielghebert and @djthistle) who wanted to create an incredible resource for marketing professionals, social media managers, and small business owners. We set out to find people to write for SteamFeed who were getting results and working in the industry that they were writing about. All of our authors have gotten results – either they’ve gotten results personally, or they’ve gotten results for their clients.

We’re here for you. This is YOUR community. Ask questions, connect with us on different networks, and we’ll get back to you. That’s a promise.

Our website serves as a resource to business owners that want to dive into marketing, social media, and technology themselves, but don’t really know how to start, or what kind of strategies drive results. 


SteamFeed Partners:

DJ Thistle
D.J. Thistle is a co-founder of SteamFeed, a blog that focuses on the latest trends in social media, technology, and marketing. His passion in technology is only rivaled by his desire to connect with others through social media. He has been a featured speaker multiple times on how to get started in social media at various wine industry events. He has spent the last 9 years teaching in public and private schools in Massachusetts and California. He is happily married and enjoys every moment of raising his beautiful daughter.
DJ Thistle


I'm a husband, father, educator, geek, bookworm, stock market enthusiast, and some would call me an Apple fanboy. Co-Founder of @SteamFeedCom
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Daniel Hebert

Daniel Hebert

Marketing Lead at InNetwork Inc.
Daniel Hebert is an award-winning graduate of Mount Allison University, Marketing Lead at InNetwork Inc., and Co-founder at SteamFeed.com. He has a passion for digital marketing and entrepreneurship. If he wasn’t a marketer, he would take his love for food and become a chef.
Daniel Hebert


Growth Manager, Social Media at @newsrooms, Co-Founder at @SteamFeedCom. Love to play guitar & pretend I'm a chef :) http://t.co/hX7kZ1DPEh
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Gerry Michaels
Gerry Michaels (Gettysburg Gerry) is Principal at Glasswork Media Arts, Radio host SteamFeed Radio on Blogtalkradio, VP Marketing Biz Dev at Steamfeed.com, Social Media Columnist for the Gettysburg Times, Social Media strategist and community builder and explorer. I am no different than you, no better/worse. I'm an astronaut exploring this social media space. Fully engulfed in the world that is Social Media, I awake every day anxiously anticipating what the days new technology will bring.Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, Pinterest. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Gerry Michaels


VP Marketing at SteamFeed Google Glass Explorer,No different than you, no better/worse,an astronaut exploring this social media space.
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