What Rudolph Can Teach You About Targeting Your Audience

You can’t be everything to all. Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? 80 percent of your business comes from 20 percent of your efforts. The rest is just waste of sweat and money. Time to find out which 20 percent of your output is relevant for you and flush the rest, right?

This post is about how to target your audience and find those people who actually will be relevant for your business – as prospects, paying customers and ambassadors. And since it’s Christmas time, why not use a little help from Rudolph and see what the dear reindeer can teach us about targeting your audience.

Rudolph Audience
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1. Dare to be different

Rudolph’s glowing red nose made him a social outcast among the other reindeers. They made fun of him and called him names. However, later on in the story, the glowing nose turned out to be Rudolph’s biggest asset.

Look at what you have or who you are from another angle than you previously did. Even your weaknesses can be your strengths. Don’t hide the fact that you have something that differentiates you from your competitors. Don’t be mainstream, embrace and build on those differences. It will help you target the right customers by finding people similar to you.

2. Find your niche

One Christmas Eve Santa Claus was having a lot of difficulty making his flight around the world because it was too foggy. When Santa went to Rudolph’s house to deliver his presents, he noticed the glowing red nose in the darkened bedroom and decided it could be a makeshift lamp to guide his sleigh.

Ask yourself: whose sleigh can you guide? Find your cause and ponder on what kind of clients would be attracted to your specific traits. Define those people: who are they, what problems do they have and what can you do for them? Determine how your product or service will fit into your target audience’ lifestyle. What features are most appealing to them? Show them how to use your product or service and how you can ease their lives.

3. Wow a few

Santa asked Rudolph to lead the sleigh for the rest of the foggy night, Rudolph accepted and returned home a hero for having helped Santa Claus.

Sometimes all it takes is to find the right audience. If you truly believe in your product and your service, what you need to do is to find those for whose struggles you provide the solution.

If you can find and wow only a few, it’s even better as if you market your products to a million people who just remain indifferent of what you sell. Those you really wow, are likely to spread your word and make you a hero among the right communities, just like Santa did to Rudolph.

If it worked for Rudolph…

A well-targeted audience, folks, will help you to be a valued asset and a source to go to. It will help you to grow your business and to save time and money by focusing on the right group. If it worked for Rudolph, I’m sure it will work for you too!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Anna Rydne
Anna Rydne is a communications specialist who works as Head of Internal Communications at Mynewsdesk. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, she writes the blog Communicate [your] Skills where she covers topics on how to improve your communication skills in all areas related to yourself, your community and your professional life. She's determined to uncover the secrets of how successful people and companies communicate. Anna has a special interest in social media and personal branding and she believes the road to success is trying. She tweets about all things comms, social media and marketing @CoSkills. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology.
Anna Rydne

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