Why Branded Content Is Important

Creating content can be rewarding and fun for your business. But it’s easy for a message to get lost in translation if content isn’t branded.

Small businesses often focus on “churning it out” instead of creating quality. Here are a few things to think about before, during, and after the content creation process.

A Consistent Voice Speaks Volumes About Your Business

Big pun intended.


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Not having a consistent voice throughout your content is like sounding like a different person every time you talk to someone. How absurd is that? How would you feel if each time you talked to a friend his voice had a different pitch? You’d probably be weirded out. And you’d probably not trust that “friend” because you don’t really know who’s on the other end.

Don’t let your content have a multiple personality disorder.

Find a consistent voice that represents your brand – and speak from that same pitch throughout your content. Don’t be fun and engaging in one blog post. And then boring and bitter in another. It’s not amusing. It’s confusing.

Hook on a Feeling

When you speak honestly about what you know well, your message resonates. Consumers can tell when someone is making up facts to sell. And the truth is, it doesn’t matter what the facts say. Customers don’t buy based on intellect. They often buy based on feelings.

An Italian restaurant sells more Mama’s Minestrone on a cold, winter day because it provides the feeling of warmth. It’s more about how customers feel when they put the warm soup to their mouths. It’s less how they feel when they buy it at half off.

Offer a sense of identity 

Branded audio content is one way to give your business a sense of identity. When I worked in national radio for a talk show, we played Cannonball by The Breeders for the show open. The cannonball rolling down suburban streets in the video matched the “loose cannon” personalities of the hosts. Listeners rarely knew where their conversations would go – but no one seemed to care. They rolled along. Choosing this particular song gave the show an even greater sense of identity.

Branded audio and video content allows small businesses to be their own radio show. But it’s important to make sure the music that you choose vibes with the rest of your tone and messaging. Can you imagine if Meet the Press played Notorious B.I.G. in their show open? (clearly I’m going through 90s music withdrawal).

Make It Uniquely You

Replicas of the Mona Lisa may exist. But everyone knows the original is the unique work of Da Vinci.

Branded content is distinct. It’s unique. And if you treat it as a labor of love, and pursue value and meaning, it’s art. And no one can steal it. Because it’s purely about you and your business.

Why is branded content important for your business? Please comment below. 


Jessica Ann
Jessica is the CEO and Creative Director at Jessica Ann Media a boutique digital agency that humanizes businesses with creative copy and smart social media strategy. She champions the creative spirits of entrepreneurs and brands who want to find more freedom in their business through profitable, targeted traffic. She enjoys traveling, reading, running, yoga, and learning new things. She has a Masters in Communications from Johns Hopkins University and is a contributor to The Huffington Post.

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