Why Restaurants Need SoLoMo to Engage Moms

The calendar has flipped to May, and we are approaching Mother’s Day which means the summer is almost here. As the weather gets warmer it means people will be more active and spending more time outside away from their desktops. How do you intend to stay top of mind with your audience? It is no surprise that woman and specifically mothers are the desired target for marketers of consumer goods, retail and especially restaurants.

photo credit: stevendepolo via photopin cc
photo credit: stevendepolo via photopin cc

No better time than now for your restaurant to build a strategy to reach those active moms. Introducing… SoLoMo one of those quasi-new marketing buzzwords you might have heard recently, by parlaying the increasing popularity of Social Media, Local and Mobile.

Where are all the moms at?

Pick your head up from your Smartphone long enough to notice that everyone else is buried in their smartphones, maybe no single group more so than busy moms. Sure teens are pretty active on their Smartphones, but lets focus on the über desired target audience we refer to as the “decision-makers” of the household (aka Moms). Katie Petrillo wrote a great post and collected 10 Impressive Stats About Digital Moms, some of which are also highlighted below. Now that we agree that Mothers are spending time on social media sites, while on their Smartphones or tablets to search locally for deals and happenings from trusted brands, what should your restaurant be doing about it?

The Mobilization of Moms

Consider taking advantage of your restaurant’s increased traffic during Mother’s Day, and start to build up a network to communicate via SoLoMo to Moms. Consider promoting the reasons they should follow you socially, join your loyalty club, your SMS/Text program, download your app or just be aware that you share content that is mobile/tablet friendly that could help make their busy lives easier.

Here’s an example:

Hey Moms, stay in touch with David’s Bistro this summer as we offer you rewards, tips and great savings via our Mom Appreciation Program. Visit our mobile friendly website to join the M.A.P. Club and enjoy the news coming right to your Smartphone. You choose the method (social media, email, SMS) we share the latest. Just our way of showing you… our appreciation.

5 Thoughts to Keep in Mind When Targeting Moms

1. Be Helpful 

Monitor online conversations and pay attention to damsels in distress by being a resource, and helping someone in a pinch. 70% of Moms believe technology helps them to be better moms, via Forbes

Ex: Help we are hungry. What Casual Dining location in Atlanta has seating available for 8 including 4 kids?

2. Be Socially Friendly

Get Social with moms, invest the time to build relationships with your customers and give them a reason to follow you on your social networks. Use your social connections to offer exclusive deals, timely discounts, special privileges, and friendly advice. 77% of moms follow 1 or more brands on social media. 23% follow 10 or more brands

Ex: It’s going to be a hot one today moms, make sure those kids drink plenty of water or stop by and visit us for a refreshing smoothie.

3. Make it Easy

Oh, and since 31% of moms spend more than 10 hours a week on their tablet, but less than 2 hours on their PC, make sure your digital content and links are mobile and tablet friendly, specifically your website. Once you drive mom to your website, can she easily navigate your website, view your menu or access directions?

4. Be Personable  

While you are at it, get personal…94% of marketers stated that personalization ‘is critical to current and future success.’ if your goal is to build a relationship with moms, then go ahead and use her name, and make it a personal connection.

5. What’s Next?

How about what’s now? Since we have been talking about how people search for information and smart marketing tactics, Google Now app will have something to say about how that looks moving forward on mobile. By using data collected from synced Google products including Location, Searches, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google+ and Google Finance… Google Now will have the answers you are looking for, even before you are ready to ask them. Guillaume Bouchard explains further, How Google Now Will Impact SEO & What You Can Do to Get a Head Start.

Of course it is early but being that they ARE Google, I am sure that ranking will no doubt play a part in Google Now’s game-plan and by applying best practices for local SEO you are one step closer to being active in the SoLoMo marketing movement.

Additional ways to reach active moms:

1. Be a Social Butterfly and consider integrating visually driven social networks like Instagram and Pinterest

2. Localize Your Marketing with customer review networks such as Yelp or Reviews on Google+

3. Mobilize Your Marketing with Foursquare or SMS/Text Messaging

What methods do you use to reach your target audience? Do you target moms and if so, who do you reach them most successfully?

David Schwartz
David is a Brand Strategist focused on building relevant brands, while creating valuable consumer relationships to promote engagement. By utilizing the popularity of digital and mobile media, along with the social web he helps companies understand the power of controlling their content. David started his career working for MTV in New York, he then proceeded to Atlanta to work with the likes of Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A and the Home Depot. From his time working with companies of all sizes he has learned that a strong brand is the key to long term success by turning customers into brand advocates. Now living in Nashville with his wife and two children, David works with companies of all sizes teaching and consulting on best practices for building a brand in the digital age.
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