Your Presence is Required On Google Plus


If social media is a time suck, then Google Plus is a rabbit hole.

The farther you tumble down it, the curiouser and curiouser things appear.

People who think they know social marketing are faced with something that looks familiar but doesn’t behave as it should.

“Where are the friends? Where are the ads?

Where are the tweets, the likes and the apps?”

Instead of taking the red pill they try to force their bloated blue bodies through that tiny little door.


The failure to understand the uniqueness of the Google+ platform was one of the points discussed on our regular Tuesday Lunch Hangout On Air (HOA).

The topic this week was, How Do You Fit Google+ Into Your Social Marketing Strategy?

The panel also discussed why businesses were having difficulties integrating Google+. (watch video blow.)


As we talked about the advantages and challenges of Google+, it was clear the issues people have with Google+ are the same as they have with other platforms.

  • no quick results
  • difficult to learn
  • takes a lot of time to manage

Other problems were more specific to the platform:

  • Complicated, too many features.
  • No one is there.
  • Already invested resources on other platforms.

These issues are problems because many companies lack a social culture that understands being social is different than doing social.

Companies who can’t see past the next quarter will have trouble with a marketing platform that won’t show results for possibly four of them.


The benefits of Google+ are huge but you have to be there to reap them.

Google+ is not a link repository.



Thanks to this week’s #GplusLunchBunch panel who contributed much wisdom and entertainment: Randy BowdenDavid F Leopold, Scott Scowcroft, Sherry NourainiJessica Dewell, David Schwartz, Joyce Glass and Renee Palting.


To get traction on Google Plus, you need to get action on it.

– Respond to +1’s, shares and comments.

– Engage and share other people’s posts.

– Post content that is helpful, unique, and relevant to your target market.

The quality of of the content that you post is far more important than the quantity.

Good content resonates, poor content dissipates.


Advantages Of Google Plus

1. It’s a multi platform space that can be used for content marketing, social networking, communications, education and collaboration.

2.  Hangouts are the biggest draw for Google+ as they have both consumer and business appeal for video conferencing, tutorials and entertainment.

3. It’s a super branding platform. With Google Authorship, a post you shared from an industry leader can rank higher than the original post.

4. Lead generation with Circles and Communities is especially good since you have ability to freely follow and manage influencers and potential clients.

5. Marketing is driven by content which Google uses to establish authority and semantic relevance. Google+ verified content makes Hummingbirds very happy.


 “In essence, Google is saying … we want to make sure that you are a real human being … we want to stamp out anonymity and spam … we want to regard you as someone who is willing to put your name on the line for the content you create and share.” – Demian Farnworth

Marketing is search and if search is important to you, you need to be active on Google+

Have you taken a walk on the “Plus” side?


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